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February 26, 2024 9 min read

Step into the enchanting realm of International Women's Day! But what's the real scoop? It's a day all about cheering on women's victories, toughness, and staying power worldwide. A special day to show some love to the amazing ladies in your life – from the awesome moms who've been your original superheroes to the pals who've been your partners in all the fun. It's a simple yet heartfelt celebration of the fantastic women making a mark in the world.


Women's Day Gifts for Mum

Let's kick off the celebration by showering the real MVPs – our mums – with tokens of appreciation. Whether it's a heartfelt card, a bouquet that rivals her garden, or a personalised keepsake, make sure it's as extraordinary as she is.


Sweet Pea

Celebrate Mum's strength and elegance on Women's Day with this charming bouquet! The graceful pink eustomas symbolize her beauty and warmth, while the pure white ping pongs represent her resilience and enduring spirit. This unique combination, available in two sizes, will remind her how much you care, making it a gift she'll truly cherish. Perfect for Women's Day and beyond!


Sweet Desire

Surprise Mum this Women's Day with a stunning bouquet featuring soft pink lilies, elegant eustomas, and cheerful alstroemerias! This sweet arrangement, available in three sizes, symbolizes your love and appreciation, reminding her she's always in your thoughts. The delicate blooms and calming eucalyptus create a truly special gift that will brighten her day and her home. Choose the perfect size to match your budget and express your affection beautifully!



This charming bouquet makes a wonderful Women's Day gift for mom because it's both beautiful and thoughtful. The cheerful mix of roses, sunflowers, and berries creates a vibrant display, while the Ferrero Rocher chocolates add a touch of indulgence. Available in two sizes, it fits your budget and mom's taste. Show her you care with this sweet gesture that celebrates her special day!


Women's Day Gift for Wife

For the one who makes your heart skip a beat, go beyond the usual and surprise her with something that captures the essence of your love. From elegant jewellery to a romantic weekend getaway, let your gift reflect the depth of your admiration.


99 Red Roses (Midnight Edition)

Surprise your wife with a Women's Day she'll never forget! This breathtaking bouquet of 99 red roses speaks volumes. Each bloom symbolizes your unwavering love, admiration, and appreciation. Imagine her delight as she unwraps the luxurious black paper, revealing a sea of crimson roses, tied with a passionate red ribbon. It's a statement of love that lingers long after the last petal falls, reminding her how cherished she is


Crimson Ardour

Bursting with vibrant red roses, a symbol of enduring love, it whispers sweet sentiments like a love letter in petals. Imagine her delight as she receives this stunning arrangement, its rich color reflecting the depth of your affection. Available in two sizes, it's a gift guaranteed to sweep her off her feet and make her feel cherished. Let the language of flowers speak for you - order "Crimson Ardour" today!


Sweet Surprise Gift Set

Celebrate your wife's Women's Day with a delightful surprise she'll adore! This Sweet Surprise Gift Set combines stunning red roses and soft Gerberas in a charming flower box, melt-in-your-mouth Ferrero Rochers, and a cuddly alpaca plushie - a sweet gesture for any occasion. It's a thoughtful mix of pampering, indulgence, and a touch of whimsy, guaranteed to make her day extra special.


Women's Day Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are the unsung heroes shaping the minds of the future. Express gratitude with thoughtful gifts that go beyond the typical. Perhaps a beautiful potted plant for her desk or a personalised notebook to jot down her wisdom.


Forever Celebration Gift Set

This gift set makes a wonderful Women's Day gift for your teacher for several reasons! It combines the beauty of vibrant gerberas in cheerful colors with the indulgence of Ferrero Rochers, symbolizing appreciation and sweetness. The adorable sloth plushie adds a playful touch, reflecting the nurturing and caring nature of teachers. This thoughtful bundle goes beyond just flowers, offering a lasting reminder of your gratitude and making her day truly special.


Fairytopia Cactus

Celebrate the strength and resilience of the women who inspire you this Women's Day with our charming cactus! Like a dedicated teacher, it thrives with minimal care, symbolizing her unwavering spirit. The vibrant colours and whimsical butterflies add a touch of joy to any desk, reminding her of the impact she makes. Let this unique gift be a daily reminder of your appreciation and her blooming potential.


Peachy Keen

This vibrant bouquet is a perfect Women's Day gift for your teacher, bursting with warmth and gratitude. The sunset orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and joy, mirroring the impact your teacher has. Champagne roses express appreciation and elegance, while yellow roses radiate friendship and happiness. White eustomas add purity and admiration, and yellow carnations signify warmth and gratitude. Each bloom conveys your heartfelt thanks, making this a gift your teacher will cherish.


Women's Day Gift Ideas for Employees in Office

In the corporate world, women are leaders, collaborators, and innovators. Show appreciation for your female colleagues with gifts that acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Think sleek desk accessories or a motivational book that sparks inspiration.


Sunshine Orchid

Celebrate the strong women in your workplace with a gift that radiates sunshine and appreciation. This vibrant potted yellow orchid is the perfect way to show your employees you care. The orchid symbolizes friendship, royalty, and admiration, making it a meaningful and elegant gesture. Plus, it's easy to care for and will brighten up their desk for weeks to come.


Purple Passion

This stunning purple bouquet isn't just suitable for all occasions - it's the perfect choice for your employee on Women's Day! Purple, the official colour of the day, symbolizes justice, dignity, and strength, beautifully reflecting the incredible women on your team. The mix of roses, gerberas, and statice exudes elegance and warmth, conveying your appreciation and support. More than just flowers, it's a heartfelt tribute to their contributions, making them feel valued and celebrated. 


Zesty Dream

Celebrate your employee's achievements with this cheerful bouquet symbolizing summer's joy! The vibrant mix of orange, yellow, and red flowers conveys passion, fun, and pure light, perfectly reflecting Women's Day's spirit. Imagine her workspace filled with uplifting energy, reminding her of your appreciation and her contributions. It's a thoughtful gift that brings smiles and lasting happiness.


What to Gift for Friends on Women's Day

Celebrate the camaraderie with your gal pals by choosing gifts that mirror the unique bond you share. Whether it's a spa day for relaxation or a quirky piece of jewellery that speaks to your inside jokes, make it a day to remember.



This Mirah bouquet is a perfect Women's Day gift for its vibrant mix of joy & elegance. Sunny gerberas & roses symbolize happiness & appreciation, while wheat & cotton whisper strength & resilience. Plus, its golden hues celebrate women's achievements & radiate warmth. Imagine her face lighting up with this symphony of blooming beauty!


Blushing Ballad

Celebrate your friend's strength and beauty on Women's Day with this stunning bouquet! The soft pinks and champagnes symbolize their grace and elegance, while the gerberas add a touch of joy and cheer. Delicate baby's breath whispers your heartfelt emotions, making it a gift they'll truly treasure. More than just flowers, it's a reminder of your unwavering support and admiration - a perfect way to show you care!


Small Gifts for International Women's Day

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter the most. Explore the joy in simplicity with small yet meaningful gifts that convey your appreciation. From scented candles to gourmet chocolates, it's the thought that counts.


Timeless Rose Jewelry Box

This preserved rose isn't just a fleeting bloom, it's a symbol of enduring love for Women's Day. Unlike fresh roses, it stays vibrant forever, mirroring your unwavering appreciation. Nestled in a rotating display case, it doubles as a jewelry holder, showcasing a beautiful necklace – a tangible token of your affection. Bonus? The case becomes a treasured keepsake, perfect for storing other jewelry, making it a gift that keeps on giving, long after Women's Day is over.



This charming Bellerose arrangement makes a delightful Women's Day gift with its blend of elegance and symbolism. Delicate pink carnations represent admiration and love, while a single red rose speaks volumes of passion and respect. Lush white statice adds texture and signifies purity and innocence. Housed in a unique pink hexagon box, the petite size offers a thoughtful gesture without being overwhelming. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the incredible women in your life and brighten their day!


Velvet Cadence

The Velvet Cadence boxed bloom arrangement is a luxurious and elegant gift that would be perfect for any woman on International Women's Day. The combination of ravishing red roses, delicate mini pompoms, and airy caspia blooms creates a stunning and sophisticated arrangement that is sure to impress. The deluxe carrier box adds a touch of class and makes it easy to transport and display. Whether you're sending it to a colleague, friend, family member, or significant other, this arrangement is sure to show her how much you care. 


Personalised Gifts for Women's Day

Make the celebration uniquely hers with personalised gifts. Whether it's a monogrammed tote bag or a custom piece of artwork, let your gift carry the touch of thoughtfulness that makes it truly special.


Cake Explosion Gift Box

Celebrate Women's Day with a gift that's unique, fun, and unforgettable! The Butterfly Cake Explosion Box offers delicious base options like Rainbow Cake and Ferrero, followed by a magical "explosion" of fluttering butterflies, confetti, and personalized touches. Add extra butterflies, photos, flowers, or sweets to customize the experience for your special lady. Imagine her surprise and delight as she opens the box – it's a guaranteed giggle-inducing moment followed by mouthwatering treats. This gift goes beyond sweets; it creates a memory she'll cherish!


Women's Day Gift Hampers

For the ultimate expression of love, consider a curated gift hamper. From pampering spa sets to gourmet delights, hampers allow you to combine various elements, ensuring there's something for every aspect of the extraordinary women in your life.


Berry Joyful Gift Set

Celebrate the women in your life with the Berry Joyful Gift Set! The vibrant flower bouquet featuring cheerful berries, sunny gerberas, and elegant roses offers a burst of colour and joy. Indulge their sweet tooth with decadent Ferrero Rochers, perfect for a moment of self-care. For an extra touch of cuteness, the adorable alpaca plushie provides a cuddly companion. This thoughtful gift caters to their love for beauty, indulgence, and comfort, making it a surefire way to brighten their Women's Day! 


Head Over Heels Bundle

Celebrate the women in your life with this delightful Women's Day hamper! The vibrant red roses symbolize love and appreciation, while the delicate pink eustomas and carnations add a touch of elegance. Indulge her sweet tooth with the luxurious Haagen Dazs Coffee ice cream, perfect for a shared moment of relaxation. This thoughtful gift combines the timeless beauty of flowers with a delicious treat, creating a memorable way to say "Thank you" and "I love you."


Summery Sweet Gift Set

This delightful hamper offers a refreshing summer feel perfect for Women's Day! Imagine their surprise opening a vibrant box filled with beautiful summer flowers - red and pink roses for passion, cheerful yellow gerberas for optimism, and soft carnations for love. Sweet indulgence continues with decadent Ferrero Rochers, and an adorable teddy adds a touch of whimsy. It's a celebration of joy, love, and summer happiness, all wrapped up in one!


Women's Day Gifts Under SGD100

Celebrating doesn't have to break the bank. Discover a world of affordable yet fabulous gifts that showcase your admiration without denting your wallet. From chic accessories to delightful trinkets, there's something for every budget.


Something Nice

This stunning bouquet celebrates the strength and joy of women on International Women's Day! The delicate pink eustomas symbolize appreciation, the passionate red roses express love, and the cheerful white gerberas radiate happiness. Each bloom is carefully chosen to represent the multifaceted nature of the incredible women in your life. Whether for a mother, sister, friend, or colleague, this vibrant bouquet shows you see and admire them, making their day truly special.


Pink A Boo

This bouquet offers the perfect blend of elegance and cheer for International Women's Day. White roses symbolize appreciation and grace, while the vibrant pink gerberas exude joy and happiness. Red berries add a touch of festive spirit, and the gold peacock feather signifies strength and empowerment. It's not just beautiful, but meaningful, reminding your recipient of their inner strength and the joy they bring to your life.


White Delight Orchid

Celebrate the incredible women in your life with a gift that embodies their spirit - the captivating white orchid. These exquisite blooms symbolize purity, elegance, and innocence, reflecting the strength and grace of the women we admire. Unlike fleeting cut flowers, this mini orchid offers long-lasting beauty, blooming for up to 5 weeks! Delivered fresh from the farm, it's a thoughtful and unique way to show your appreciation, making their Women's Day truly special.


So, as International Women's Day approaches, dive into the joy of gifting and celebrating the phenomenal women who make the world brighter, stronger, and more beautiful. After all, every day is a good day to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives.