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Lily Flowers For Your Sweetheart

Lilies are popular for their beauty and elegance. Their patters are intricate and their petals are delicate and yet large and showy. Lilies are often associated with innocence and purity - thus, they are commonly used in religious ceremonies. There are so many species of lilies, including Oriental, Trumpet and Asiatic. But they all have different characteristics and colors that are undoubtedly unique from one another.

They smell awesome, are beautiful for any type of hand-bouquet or arrangement, and are versatile enough for all occasions. From weddings to funerals, lilies are a top favourite and some of our best-selling flowers at Flower Chimp Singapore.


Order Lilies Online with Flower Chimp Singapore

Lilies are by far the most fragrant of flowers in our collection. In nature, their sweet nectar attracts a variety of wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This nectar contributes to the lovely fragrance we get from each bloom. Once the flower opens, the fragrance fills the air. As blooms tend to stay open for 3-4 days, you’ll get a nose-full of sweet-smelling aroma when a Lily bouquet is placed indoors. It’s no surprise then that Lilies are highly sought after in bouquet arrangements.

At Flower Chimp, we understand the beauty of flowers is in their symbolism. A lily symbolises purity and sometimes, fertility. We must admit, there is a mysterious romantic allure about them. Their beauty and elegance make them perfect for any occasion. You’ll most likely want to get your hands on a bouquet of lilies as soon as you can, and here’s how. Follow these simple steps to get your lily bouquets delivered to any location of your choice in Singapore.


Say Happy Birthday With Lily Flowers in Singapore

Looking to wish your loved ones a happy birthday in Singapore? Well, forget the age-old tradition of gifting boring, old birthday flowers. At Flower Chimp, we believe in making birthdays extraordinary with our Lily Flowers! Why Lily, you ask? Because they're like a chic fashionista who effortlessly steals the spotlight in any room.

Our surprise gift service will have your special someone saying, "Wow, who knew Lily flowers could be so fab?" And that's not all! We offer flowers and cake delivery too, because what's a birthday without cake? It's like a party without snacks - just not right.

Choose our irresistible birthday bundle and watch their faces light up! With our same day delivery flowers, you won't miss a beat. So whether it's your best friend, sibling, or secret crush, our florists in Singapore will deliver the perfect present with a flower and gift delivery Singapore. Trust us, it'll be a birthday they won't soon forget!


Same Day Lily Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

Do you know someone who will enjoy a lily bouquet? Celebrate Mother's Day, or someone's birthday with a bouquet of lilies. Enjoy same day flower delivery in Singapore with Flower Chimp by placing your order before 5PM! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Make your order before cut-off time in order to be delivered on the same day including weekends. Order Now

We currently offer two (2) delivery slots and they are:
a) 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Order to be placed at least one (1) day in advance
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