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July 27, 2022 4 min read

They loved us, taught us, cared for us, laughed and cried with us, and raised us every day for a bulk of our childhood – we’re talking about our dear teachers. Teachers in Singapore are integral to nation-building of our beautiful country. They are the foundation to the wit and grit of each Singaporean individual. And now, with Teachers’ Day fast approaching, we at Flower Chimp Singapore are ready to send them beautiful gifts. But before that...

When is Teachers’ Day 2022 in Singapore?

Teachers’ Day falls on Friday, 2nd September 2022.


**Now you have no reason to forget the date – note it down in your calendar.**

We’ve compiled a list of the most thoughtful gift ideas to give for Teachers’ Day 2022. Feel free to create customised Teachers’ Day gifts from our selection below. The bigger the gift, the more memorable the occasion!


Teachers’ Day Gifts Ideas for Female Teachers

When we think of teachers, we usually picture female teachers. Statistically, a large percentage (97.23% in 2019) of secondary education teachers are women. It’s no surprise, as teaching is a role that requires gentle, soft, nurturing character traits that come naturally in women. We grew up proud of our lady teachers who tenderly trained us to become the people who we are. Only the best gifts are reserved for our female teachers. Here are some of the best choices so far:


 Female teachers day gifts Singapore



Flowers for Lecturers

The most cliché yet classic gifts you can give to your dear teacher are flowers. A Teachers’ Day flower bouquet brings bright colours, textures, and light fragrances of crisp blooms as symbols of love and care that she has shown to you.


teachers day SG


Roses are the most common flowers as gifts for Teachers’ Day. Bouquets are easy to set up as gifts thanks to flower delivery services online in Singapore. Flower Chimp brings same-day flower bouquet delivery, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of getting the gift to your teacher in time.


 teachers day flowers singapore


If you know your teacher’s favourite flower, go ahead and get a bunch of them arranged in a bouquet or flower box. That will be the ultimate gift that speaks volumes of your appreciation for her.


Chocolates for Tutors

Another common gift teachers receive during this special occasion is the signature box of chocolates. These sweet confections are the key to a boost in endorphins. The most popular chocolates as gifts are Ferrero Rocher. Cadbury, KitKat, and Kinder Bueno chocolates are also must-haves in a gift bundle. Smooth, creamy chocolates are symbols of the sweetness that teachers add in our life – imparting knowledge and wisdom to us. Click on the image below to get your chocolate gifts.


 teachers day gifts chocolates



Customised Jewellery

What’s better than something bespoke made specifically for you? A piece of intricate jewellery handcrafted with your name or initials on it tells you that the gift-giver took time and effort to make it for you.


teachers day jewellery


A customised piece of jewellery will make anyone feel special. Get a charm bracelet or a necklace with a pendant of your favourite photo with the teacher so she can remember you for years ahead. Want to splurge? Swarovski crystals are the perfect gifts to show a teacher how much of a gem she is.



Teachers’ Day Gifts for Male Teachers

Let’s not forget our male teachers. They do the heavy lifting – teach us physical education, are counsellors and disciplinarians, and somewhat father-figures when we need them to be.


gift for male teachers


Men teachers are often less vocal than the women but are integral to our education needs, academic and personal growth. Here are some Teachers’ Day gifts for the men.


Sports Gear

Men aren’t fussy creatures. That said, they often gravitate towards some sort of activity or hobby. Get your teacher some of his favourite sports gear. It’s not too hard to ask him what his ideal sport is. Once you know that, scope out the best gear to give him as a Teachers’ Day gift.


Gift for male teachers sports gear


Many men in Singapore love to play badminton, football, or even run marathons. You could pool some money with other students to get that special lightweight badminton racket he’s always wanted.


A New Phone

Okay, we’re looking at a gift option that requires a larger budget. Albeit the higher price range, a new phone would make anyone’s day. Take a look at your teacher’s smartphone. If he is still using one from the dinosaur era, ie: a flip phone or one that is tattered with cracks and chips, get him a newer model. Once again, get a few friends to chip in to help keep costs lower. Trust us, he’ll appreciate the gift and won’t stop bragging about it.


A Shirt

If you can’t think of anything to get your male teacher, a shirt is the ideal option to fall back on. Shirts are versatile as gifts for men as you could get them in different colour options, patterns, and styles. The most common styles to choose from are short-sleeve and long-sleeve. If your teacher is around the retirement age, it would be ideal to get him a holiday-themed shirt.


gifts for male teachers shirt


Alternatively, you could get him a necktie, quirky socks, a fitness band watch such as the Mi Band 6, or a powerbank to charge his smartphone. The possibilities are limitless!


Last-Minute Teachers’ Day Gifts

No matter how much we talk about Teachers’ Day throughout the year, we may forget the date when it comes. Don’t worry – we have last-minute gift suggestions for teachers too! Some of the best suggestions for last-minute Teachers’ Day gifts for 2022 are:

  • Cakes
  • Gift Hamper
  • A Class Photo (with same-day prints)
  • A Movie Ticket


last minute teachers day gifts


If you can’t find time to get any of these, simply outsource the gift giving to your classmates or friends. Make sure you chip in for the costs and surprise the teacher with that special present.


A special teacher requires a special gift. Why not take a look at our collection of gifts below that are perfect for teachers in Singapore?