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Flower Bouquets

Flower Chimp has a wide selection of fresh flower arrangements to choose from. From roses to tulips, we have the perfect gifts for your special occasion.
Send a flower bouquet with us today and have it delivered with our same-day delivery!

Order A Bouquet of Flowers Online in Singapore

Are you tired of battling through bustling streets, maneuvering around traffic, and hunting for elusive parking spots, all for the sake of purchasing a lovely bouquet of flowers? Well, worry no more! Flower Chimp's wonderful service of online flower delivery in Singapore is here to rescue you from the chaos and bring convenience straight to your doorstep.

With an extensive collection of exquisite blooms, we cater to even the most discerning recipients. Whether you're commemorating a birthday, anniversary, looking for funeral flowers or simply looking to brighten someone's day, our carefully curated selection of stunning floral arrangements has got you covered.

Bid farewell to snarky shopkeepers and say hello to the ease of ordering flowers with just a few clicks. Let Flower Chimp handle the intricate process of flower bouquets delivery in Singapore, ensuring your heartfelt gift reaches its destination.


Send Fresh Flower Bouquets To Say Thank You

Looking for a unique and heartfelt way to express your gratitude? With help from our talented team of florists, look no further than our stunning bouquet of flowers! Sure, you could send a text or write an email, but where's the fun in that? Let's be honest, nothing says "thank you" quite like a beautifully arranged bundle of nature's finest blooms.

Picture this: your recipient's surprise when a colorful explosion of petals shows up at their doorstep. It's like a hug from afar, a burst of joy wrapped in a lovely arrangement. You can almost see them struggling to find a vase big enough to hold the sheer beauty of it all.

Whether you're wishing someone with birthday flowers, sending a unique bouquet on Mother's Day, thanking a friend, a colleague, or even a total stranger who went above and beyond, a bouquet of beautiful flowers is the perfect choice. So, ditch the cliché gestures and send a heartfelt "thank you" that leaves a lasting impression. Trust us, it's the little gestures that make the biggest impact.

With Flower Chimp's flower arrangements and flower delivery in Singapore, expressing gratitude has never been easier.


Say Congratulations With A Graduation Bouquet

Looking for the perfect way to show your loved ones some serious love and admiration for their academic achievements? Look no further than Flower Chimp - Singapore's go-to source for stunning graduation bouquets!

With our expertly crafted bouquets, you'll be able to convey your heartfelt congratulations in a way that's as beautiful as it is meaningful. Whether your taste runs to classic roses or bold, vibrant sunflowers, we've got a wide variety of arrangements to choose from.

And for the guys in your life? We've got you covered there, too! Our specially designed graduation flowers have bold, masculine colours and textures, like tropical leaves and bold wrapping, that are sure to impress.

So why wait? Whether you're celebrating a recent grad or just looking to show some love to the special men in your life, our same-day flower delivery in Singapore makes it easy to get your hands on the perfect graduation flowers in no time. So go ahead - order yours today and help your loved ones celebrate in style!


A Gorgeous Bouquet To Say Happy Birthday

Are you tired of resorting to the same old cliché gifts for birthdays? Flower arrangements that don't speak what you want to say? Fear not, because we have the perfect solution that will make you the hero of every birthday celebration! Introducing Flower Chimp - the ultimate online florist that you can rely on to create floral masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of ordinary birthday flowers.

Our extraordinary flower bouquets don't settle for the usual predictable posies. Oh no, it's an explosion of vibrant colours, delicate fragrances, and sheer awesomeness. It's like a party in a vase! Trust us, once you've had your beautiful flowers delivered, your loved one won't be able to contain their excitement when they receive this extraordinary surprise.

Gone are the days of mundane flower bouquets that fade away too soon. Our unique bouquets can be a symbol of everlasting joy, just like those unending birthday celebrations we all secretly desire. It's the kind of bouquet of fresh flowers that shouts, "Happy Birthday, let's party till we drop!"

So why not rely on Flower Chimp for the perfect gift delivery for a loved one?


Same-Day Delivery For Flower Bouquets

Tired of playing the waiting game when it comes to getting your hands on a stunning bouquet of flowers? Well, fret no more! At Flower Chimp, we've got your impatience covered with our delivery for bouquet flowers in Singapore. Yes, you heard it right!

We understand that flowers are the ultimate procrastinator's weapon for making up or impressing someone special. So why wait for days, hoping they'll still be in the mood for forgiveness or admiration? With our lightning-fast delivery, you can surprise your loved ones or even yourself with a fragrant masterpiece, right when you need it.

Whether it's a heartfelt apology, birthday flowers, a last-minute celebration, or just a fancy way to say, "I'm sorry for forgetting your birthday," we've got your back. Experience the joy of instant floral gratification with Flower Chimp. Trust us, your excuses will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! You can make your order before the cut-off time at 5PM for your bouquet of flowers to be delivered on the same day, including weekends. Now you can send your blooms any day of the week.
When selecting a flower bouquet for a special occasion, let their personality shine through. Consider their favourite flowers, colours, cherished memories, and the emotions you want to convey. Trust your heart to choose a truly meaningful gift!
Yes, you can! By default, every delivery comes with a free personalized message card. Speak from the heart and show them how much they mean to you - whatever that means!

Our affordable flowers bouquets start from $39. We also have premium flowers for those who wish to go above and beyond with their declarations of love!

We have two (2) delivery slots that you can consider:
a) 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Place your order one (1) day in advance to have your flower bouquets delivered at this time.
b) 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM - You can choose to place your order a day in advance, or on the same day before 5PM.