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New Born Baby Hamper

A newborn hamper is an ideal gift to celebrate the love and happiness of a newborn. Buy from our newborn hamper collection and enjoy same-day delivery in Singapore.

Hamper for New Mum and Baby in Singapore

We love babies! Their pudgy, cuddly looks, whacky facial expressions, and innocent, playful characters make them so cute. When a friend or relative gives birth to a newborn baby, we shower them with gifts of love. One way to do that is with a new baby hamper or with fresh flowers. Newborn baby flowers are elegant gift options you could choose.

These days, with delivery, new baby hampers are the best gifts to send to your loved ones and friends with new-born babies here in Singapore.

Have any friends who have 1-year old babies? You can also acquire meaningful gifts for a one-year old baby in this collection! Celebrate your mum friends and their babies with Flower Chimp's newborn baby gift hampers!


Hamper for New Born Baby Girl

Did you know that there are specific colours of flowers suited to newborn baby girls and boys? Yes! That’s true! Let’s look at some flower types that are great for new-born baby girls. First up, go for softer, lighter colours such as pink, yellow, baby blue and lilac. Flowers such as tulips, baby’s breath, and peonies come in these colours can’t go wrong. All 3 of these species of blooms have beautiful chemistry when placed in a bouquet or basket arrangement.

Pro tip: Remember to choose flowers that don’t have loose pollen such as lilies and sunflowers. Layered flowers are better as they conceal their pollen within layers of petals. Keep these in mind when choosing a baby gift delivery in Singapore.


Unique Gifts for One Year-Old Boy

As with anything gender specific, boys require colours that are darker, and seemingly more masculine. Not to perpetuate stereotypes, simply to make your choices easier when you’re spoilt for choice! More neutral colours such as white, beige, and light yellow are also perfect options for flowers for new baby boys. In this case, you could go with any type of flower species save for the ones with excessive pollen as mentioned earlier.


Say Congratulations With A Newborn Baby Birthday Gift Delivery in Singapore

Now that you know more about flowers as gifts for new-born baby celebrations, you may want to shop for them. Choose any from list above and shop in peace knowing that you have given a premium gift. Order gifts for a new baby with same-day delivery. All you have to do is place your order before the cut-off time of 1PM to enjoy quicker delivery times. Go head and order new baby hampers and newborn flowers in Singapore today!


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