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August 30, 2021 4 min read

Most of us know that a proposal is ‘big’, but surprisingly, many still underestimate just how ‘big’ it is. A proposal is more than a gesture. In fact, it marks the beginning of your forever after. When you propose to your special someone, you’re not just expressing your love, you are also signing an unwritten contract that stipulates you are ready to share their aspirations, goals and life. Now, that is a bigger-than-you-expected kind of milestone and allgirlfriends andboyfriends must bring their A-game! 

So, before you get on one knee and pop the ever-important question, make sure that you already have all the help you need to get that ‘yes’ from yourgirlfriend orboyfriend. More often than not, one simple thing that is overlooked from most of the grand proposal gestures we see areproposal flowers. It may look petty at first, but including aproposal flower bouquet in addition to the ring provides a sense of familiarity — inching them closer to the final ‘yes’ that will change both of your lives for the better.

In this article, we’re listing down our favouriteproposal flower bouquetsfeaturing the most romantic flowers of all - roses! So, if you find yourself asking what kind of rose bouquet is best inSingapore, we’ve got you covered in this nifty little list. After all, we always want the best for you! Here are 5proposal roses that can be used as a powerful gesture and sweep your beloved off their feet!

5 Types OfProposal Roses

99 Roses - True Romance

How many roses for a proposalyou ask? Well, as many as you can get! You can never put a price on love and this bouquet is the perfect expression of that. Decked with 99 vibrant red and cream roses, this grand-lookingproposal flower bouquet will push all the right buttons when you finally utter the once-in-a-lifetime question. There’s just simply nothing else like it!

Over The Rainbow Bouquet

Prefer a little more colour than the usual red? Well, here’s amarriage proposal bouquet that is coloured in multiple wonderful hues, just like your soon-to-be-married life. Thoughtfully arranged to simulate a lush garden, thisproposal flower bouquetboasts roses of orange, pink and light pink — creating a vibrant looker that is sure to boost the exciting vibes of your special moment. 


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and what a beauty this is! The Bubbly takes a softer approach toflowers for an engagement proposal. Its dream-like pastel hues of pink, white, champagne and yellow bring out the purity and innocence of your love towards your significant other. If there was a proposalflower bouquetthat could send you back to the days of good ol’ young love, this would be it!

Trinity Box - The Only One

The Only One is a fitting name to this sophisticated art piece that would make anyone feel special. The Trinity Box will take your special someone on a treasure trove of an adventure when they finally set eyes on theirflowers for an engagement proposal. Starting with 9 roses (8 reds and 1 white) accentuated with gems followed by a decadent Ferrero Rocher surprise at the secret drawer at the base of the box, all these add up to a proposal flower experience like no other. And that is a promise!

The Eternal Rose

This mysticalproposal flower looks like it got snatched right out of a fairy tale, just like the next chapter of your love story. Bring your favourite magical tales to life when you propose to yourgirlfriend orboyfriend with The Eternal Rose. This long-lasting creation will symbolise your eternal love for one another — making for a sentimental memento that will last long into your happily ever after. Look no further if you want to make your partner’s heart melt when you drop to one knee and pop the question. 

That sums up the top 5proposal flowers you can get in Singapore! Now, we believe that there’s enough proof above to show that these little gestures can actually make a huge impact. So, if you are planning to orderflowers for the engagement proposal, the best bet is to order them from the top flower delivery service in town — Flower Chimp!

Boastingproposal flower bouquetsfrom various top-rated florists in Singapore, you can rest assured that all the selections will be of the latest and trendiest design out there! Flower Chimp also practices the highest standards of quality with all of its florists to ensure that every singleproposal rose that you receive will be nothing short of petal-perfect. This track record is further proven by all the generous reviews that our past customers left for us on the website.

The best part? We even provide same-day delivery for all our offerings,proposal flowersincluded! Just be sure to place your orders before 2PM daily and we will have your wonderful bouquets delivered within the same day. Proposals are all about the right timing, so you can bet that we will have your back when the moment comes!

Make your proposal that much more special today, get a lovelyproposal!