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Ordering Questions

How do i know if my order is confirmed?

How can I order Flowers from you?

What payment methods do you accept?

Do you accept orders through phone?

Can I customize my order?

Do flowers come in a vase?

Can I change my order details?

Can I cancel my order?

Can you send me a photo of the gift before you send it?

Delivery Questions

Do you deliver on the same day?

How many delivery slots do you have?

What is the delivery fee?

When will the flowers arrive?

How will the flowers arrive?

How do I know that my flowers were delivered?

Can you ensure that you hand over the flowers directly to my recipient?

How do I add special instruction for the delivery?

Can I pick up the flowers myself?

Where do you deliver to?

Do you deliver to hospitals?

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

What happens if I provide incorrect delivery details?

Flower Questions

What kind of flowers do you offer?

How can I get my flowers to last longer?

How long do flowers usually last?

Why is the arrangement different from what i see on your website and social media?

The flowers don't look great

Why do my roses have darkened outer petals?

Returns and Refunds

I received the wrong bouquet, can you send me the right one?

Can I request a return or refund for my flowers after the day of delivery?

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How can I get in touch with you?

Discounts and Voucher Codes

How to redeem coupons / voucher codes

Discount Redemption