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Romantic Gifts for That Special Someone

Romance is something so beautiful yet so subjective. What is the best way to be romantic? How do you measure the level of romance in a relationship? What romantic gift do you get for your partner or someone you like? We can’t answer all your questions, but we’ve got the solution for the type of gift you should get your lover – flowers! Flowers are the universal symbol of love and romance. We see them in movies, in advertisements, and in real life scenarios – flowers, especially roses, make perfect gifts for love. Here at Flower Chimp Singapore, our curated romantic flowers are made for some good lovin’. Read more to find out what goes into the perfect romance gift and how you can order it from Flower Chimp. 

An Irresistible Surprise Gift

We love gifts. But an unexpected gift brings a world of excitement. Make it a surprise and watch your partner’s face light up with delight. Whether it is a proposal, a date, or simply a fun time out with your lover, a gift will be the highlight of the day. Let’s look at how you can plan a surprise. 

Some ideas on what you could do for that irresistible surprise gift would be to take your partner out on a picnic date. This would encourage him/her to think it’s a happy day for an outdoor meal. Then voila, surprise them with that sweet gift of flowers and more. it can be tricky to arrange, but it’s totally worth it. Alternatively, take your date out for a movie. Your unsuspecting partner will have no clue that you’re arriving with a bouquet of freshly picked roses in-hand. Another way to create an awesome spark in your relationship is to send flowers to your partner when she’s at work. For this trick to work, go for the biggest and brightest-coloured flowers such as sunflowers or tulips. The bright blooms will attract all the attention of her workmates and they’ll wonder at the partner that she has behind the scenes. How cool is that?

Order Romantic Flowers in Singapore Today

Much like ordering food online, ordering flowers is easy and fun too! All you have to do is create an account with Flower Chimp, choose what product you want from the list above and add it to your cart. Remember to paste any coupon or voucher code in the allocated space to redeem awesome discounts that come with each purchase. This way, you’ll save more on every romantic flower bouquet. Choose your time slot for delivery and make your payment using any one of the payment methods available. Now you’re ready to receive your flowers!

Frequently Asked Questions

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