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July 29, 2022 5 min read

A year is about the amount of time that is necessary for parents to organise the next party, which is about right given that celebrations that are worthy of being pinned on Pinterest appear to be the new norm. Are you already exhausted? We are here to provide assistance in the form of some fantastic theme ideas that will make throwing a party for your child a snap. From rainbows and unicorns to superheroes and dinosaurs, here are some other creative ideas for you. 

Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Birthday Party Themes For Her


We know how hard it is to plan a themed birthday party for your daughter. However, in this day and age of Pinterest and Instagram-worthy birthday parties for kids, it's possible that you'll need an entire year to plan everything! Especially when your little girl wants an extravagant, absolutely enchanting unicorn party or the most spectacular mermaid party in the history of the world for her birthday celebration.


1. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

All Pink Birthday Theme


Well, the party doesn’t necessarily have to be on a Wednesday, but this concept is perfect for you if your little girl is a part of the pink brigade already. For her birthday, keep a pink colour theme and decorate everything in varying shades of pink that complement each other. This is a worry-free option for the birthday party you're throwing for your daughter. 

Other ideas:

  • Make a pink balloon and ribbon garland for the house.
  • Put on a stunning pink gown or frock for your little princess.
  • Give out pink hats to all of the guests.
  • Order a bespoke pink cake and serve pink cupcakes, candies, or jellies.
  • As a thank you present, give out pink-coloured stationery or miniature pink mirrors to the guests.
  • Embellish the space with a variety of flowers, some of which should be pink to adhere to the theme.

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2. Bring Out The Disney In You

Disney Birthday Party Theme


It is the duty of every parent to make sure that their daughter's childhood fantasy of becoming a princess is accomplished. It would be fun to throw your daughter a birthday party with a Disney theme, wouldn't it? You might dress your daughter up like her favourite princess from Disney, or you could rent a bouncy house in the shape of a castle that your daughter and her friends may play in. This will ensure that your daughter's birthday party is the one that everyone talks about for weeks to come. 

Other ideas:

  • Give out tiaras to all of the guests
  • Place an order for a birthday cake in the shape of a castle
  • Disney-themed goodie bags can be given out to guests
  • Hire an actor to play a Disney character


3. Make Barbie Come To Life

Barbie Birthday Party Theme


At some point in every young girl's life, there should be a birthday party with a Barbie theme. This theme is ideal for younger girls who have all of the Barbie collections and can recite all of the Barbie movies by heart. Plus, the decorations would be a breeze! Place a few Barbie dolls here and there, and cover the rest of the party area with pink! Your daughter and her friends will love it. 

Other ideas:

  • Put your little daughter in an outfit that looks just like one of her Barbie dolls.
  • Make plans for the girl gang to participate in a photo shoot or a Barbie fashion show that you organise.
  • Place your order for a specialised cake featuring a Barbie doll figure on top.


Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Birthday Party Themes For Him


When you are trying to arrange a birthday celebration for a baby boy, it might be difficult to choose the specific type of party that he would like to have. If he is of an appropriate age, you should make an effort to get his input on the party's theme and guest list. In that case, you should make every effort to select a topic that you are positive he would enjoy.


1. Say Rawr!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Theme


What do children adore even more than their dinosaur and stuffed animal friends? If you're buying a gift for a younger person, go with an animal like a monkey or a lion. Imagine your invitation in adorable pastel colours and be sure to include the animals. A dinosaur birthday party is sure to make a big impact and have guests roaring for more, which is perfect for someone who is getting older. You should adorn your home with cutouts of volcanoes and decorations that look like lush plants. It would be appropriate to theme the party after whatever animal he considers to be his favourite. 

Other ideas:

  • Rent a dinosaur suit as a surprise guest
  • A quest for dinosaur eggs is an essential component of any dinosaur-themed party game collection.
  • Goodie bags themed around dinosaurs should be handed to guests
  • Order cupcakes that are tailor-made to fit the event's theme


2. Aye Aye Captain!

Pirate Birthday Party Theme


Consider a pirate-themed birthday party for your adventurous youngster. With a little imagination, you can transform your garden into a pirate ship. Treasure hunts or messages in a bottle could be fun activities for older children at the party. As an additional amusing party treat, consider handing out eye patches to each visitor. A dessert table stocked with pirate-themed cupcakes or cake pops is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Other ideas:

  • Hand out pirate hats to each of the guests
  • Disguise as a pirate as a surprise guest for the children
  • Make sure the children have a skit ready to perform on their make-believe ship as a performance
  • Remember that pirates never return empty-handed, so make sure you give them something to take home with them.

Theme-related goodie bags aren't always necessary for guests to take home. Visit  Flower Chimp to get some ideas for party favours to hand out to your guests! 


3. Yee Haw!

Cowboy Birthday Party Theme


There aren't many things that can top the excitement of a cowboy-themed birthday party for boys. With the right cowboy birthday party decorations, your house can look like it was straight out of the old west. Cowboy hats should be placed on each table, and "wanted" signs should be hung up with the birthday boy's picture on them. As activities, you might want to have a potato sack race or practise lassoing. You can make sure that the invitations reflect the topic by including phrases such as "your company is wanted" or "yee haw."

Other ideas:

  • Set up a line of kids and have them race each other on stick horses or pool noodles.
  • The classic party game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is frequently adapted to fit the mood of the gathering.
  • Line up your little cowboys and have them attempt tossing their hats into the ring while standing behind a line.