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May 30, 2022 6 min read

Taylor Swift, 32-year-old singer, producer, songwriter, recent honorary PhD holder, and all-round talent surprised everyone in November 2020, saying that she had started re-recording her first six albums on her own terms. If you're not aSwiftieor don't know who she is (ummm.. how?), you might remember her during the MTV Music Video Awards in 2009. Taylor's old label, Big Machine Records, sold all of her masters to Scooter Braun in 2019 after they got into a very public fight. So, the bad blood made her decide to re-record her masterpieces, which she, unfortunately (still) doesn't own!

Ever since April 2021, Taylor has been releasing remade versions of her songs, that have had her fans screaming! If you're one of the many Swifties who just can't get enough of it, we've put up the ultimate list of flowers based on your favourite Taylor Swift songs (Taylor's Version).


Lover - Frosted Frolic

Taylor Swift's Lover


On August 23rd 2019, Republic Records released Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, “Lover”. Swift was inspired to write and record a new album after the success of her Reputation Stadium Tour (2018). She wanted to return to the lighter and brighter tones of her previous work, focusing on the basic strengths of her songwriting. 


“Lover” is an album that illustrates how she has evolved; it is about new love and the uncertainties that come along with it, as well as the obstacles that pop artists face when they are in the public limelight. There are references throughout Swift's lyrics to a variety of colours, including blue eyes, pink skies, neon walls, and now, golden daylight. Colour plays a crucial role in Swift's lyrics. Her performance comes to a close with a spoken outro in which she says, "I just think that... you are what you love." It sounds almost like a blessing when said out loud. 


Frosted Frolic, much like the album itself, gleams with hues of bright colours such as pastel blue, pink, and white; in addition, it bears significant similarities with the cover of the album. This bouquet is symbolic of a great deal more than merely a bunch of stems placed in a vase; rather, it communicates enthusiastic confidence, a sugar-sweet demeanour, and the ability to make a strong statement.


Fearless (Taylor’s Version) - Sweet Kisses

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)


The first album to feature re-recordings was “Fearless (Taylor's Version)”, which was issued by Republic Records on April 9, 2021. It is the first in a series of six re-recorded albums that Taylor Swift has released, and it is a re-recording of her second studio album, “Fearless” (2008). 


“Fearless” can be listened to as a long reflection on betrayal, which goes with the more obvious theme of love. Swift sings in almost every song about how she opens her heart to someone who either loves her for it - like in "Love Story", or hurts her - like in "Forever & Always," which makes you want to mosh through the pain. "This ain't a fairy tale" she sings in the song "White Horse," which is full of scenes from fairytales. Swift showed that even though dreams don't always come true, it's still worth having them. 


The atmosphere created by this album is reminiscent of that created by our Sweet Kisses bouquet - emitting a tenderness that is reminiscent of a fairytale and is a wonderful match for the spirit of the album. “Sweet Kisses” is lively, with a moderately energetic presence and a dash of nostalgic loveliness. It is filled to the brim with enchantment and possesses an adventurous attitude, both of which are excellent comparisons to “Fearless (Taylor's Version)”.


Red - Madly In Love

Red - Madly In Love


If you haven't listened to “Red” recently or ever, it's certainly worth your time to do so now; in its exuberant, expressive voice, acerbic wit, vivid imagery, and tender sensitivity to the intricacies of love and sorrow, you'll find everything that makes Taylor Swift amazing. “Red” was released on October 27, 2013. The new material, on the other hand, is what will really entice her core fans, who are already familiar with “Red” like the back of their hands.


The ravishing arrangement of red hues in the Madly In Love bouquet mirror Taylor Swift's "Red" because of the different shades of dark red that were one of the album's major highlights, but it also relates to the album because of the different shades of the deep meaning of sorrows that lie between the petals of our roses. Swift has stated,


"Red is such an interesting colour to me because you have the great part of red—like, the red emotions that are like daring and bold as well as passion and love and affection."


And then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have emotions such as envy, rage, and irritation, as well as phrases such as "you didn't call me back" and "I need space."


Folklore - Orianna

Folklore - Orianna


Just like that, Taylor Swift has released her newest record, which is titled “Folklore”. There was virtually nothing leading up to the release - literally no advertising effort at all!The most recent album is entirely formatted in lowercase letters throughout. The pop singer takes a journey to a figurative cabin in the woods on her ninth album, which was written during the lockdown and features a virtual collaboration with The National and Bon Iver. The end product is a staggeringly excellent compilation of indie-folk masterpieces.


The nature-centric and unadorned imagery of “Folklore” extends beyond the album's origins; these pictures can be found in every one of “Folklore's” corners and set it apart from the majority of Taylor Swift's past albums. The flaming golden hues of our Orianna Bouquet are a great reflection of the album as a whole - there are narratives and myths that can be gleaned with just one glance at our bouquet.


Evermore - Champagne Sentiment 

Taylor Swift's Evermore


Taylor Swift surprised the world on December 10th by announcing the impending release of her ninth studio album within the next 24 hours. She refers to it as the "sister album," that focuses on many of the same gut-wrenching lyrical concepts and daring musical arrangements as the album that came before it, in addition to venturing in some brand new and intriguing ways.


This treasure-trove reflects the intricacies of wanting someone to love you back, just like the album does. Romance, passion, Champagne Problems and a Swiftie magic are all wrapped together in our Champagne Sentiment Trinity Box. Swift summed it up well when she described the glockenspiel-driven album by saying, "To me, it sounds like you're trying to cast a spell on somebody to make them fall in love with you." and that is what our “Champagne Sentiment” represents.


This Love - Daphne

This Love - Daphne


According to rumours, "This Love" was the first song composed for the album "1989." Swift stated in a later interview that despite the fact that it was the final track on the album's tracklist and therefore one of the less-noticed tracks on "1989," it was a song that she frequently went back to listening to. The production value of "This Love (Taylor's Version)”, which has a feel that is reminiscent of indie rock, has been brought up to a higher standard.


Our Daphne Bouquet, adorned with beautiful dark pink peonies, dusty leaves, and sweet williams, brings to mind Taylor Swift's interpretation of the song: every time she believes she has found the one, some turbulence arises, and the love slips away. The metaphors that Swift used to describe the feelings associated with falling in and out of love are comparable to the tranquilly, clarity, beauty, and assurance that can be seen between the light hues of our bouquet.


Wildest Dreams - Magical Moments

Wildest Dreams - Magical Moments


Swift surprised fans by releasing a re-recording of "Wildest Dreams" on September 17th. The track was originally featured on the dreamy synth-pop ultra-hit album "1989" Swift released in 2015. It is clear that "Wildest Dreams" has retained its beautiful dreaminess, but it is also evident that it has been injected with new dynamic power. The vocals of Taylor Swift punch with a heightened maturity, the instrumentals are cleaner and more luscious, and the words ring with greater truth and a bigger sensation of freedom than before.


The Magical Moments collection is the most melancholic and reflective part of the song. Even though she sings in the song that her guy is "so tall and handsome as hell," she is aware that their relationship is coming to an end. She is going to take advantage of the time she has left in her relationship with this man who "does it so beautifully" despite the fact that he is "so awful." After that, she'll be more open to the idea of letting things go. The enthusiasm that you feel while listening to the song is mirrored by the sensation that you get from our bouquets of flowers and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. 


No matter if you're living in the "Evermore" era or still jamming in your own "Red" era, we have the right flowers for you. Bring out the Swiftie in you, indulge in some self-love, and grab the bouquets that highlight the excitement of a Taylor Swift song by bringing out your inner new romantic. These bouquets are definitely Blondie approved!