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November 06, 2020 3 min read

It’s the festival of lights and prosperity - Deepavali is here! One of the most  auspicious Hindu festivals across the globe, Diwali or Deepavali isn’t just a time for celebration, new clothes and sweet treats, but more importantly a time of togetherness, to usher in the coming year with prosperity and positivity for all our loved ones.


With festivities that happen over five whole days, Deepavali or Diwali celebrates the defeat of good over evil, lighting the path to fortune, knowledge, and righteousness with rows of brightly lit lamps, candles, gold, and flowers. Families come together and clean their houses, buy gold and utensils to usher in prosperity, brighten up their houses with new linen, rangolis and decor, and finally, deck themselves up in new clothes and jewellery. On the eve of the main celebration, families and friends visit one another’s homes with sweets and gifts, and burst firecrackers together to wish each other a prosperous start to their coming year - it’s a festivity of sharing good fortune and attracting more for your family and all your loved ones. 

Over the years, Diwali has evolved, as people have become more conscious about their impact in the word - with people donating their home goods and clothes to those less fortunate, and swapping out the tradition of bursting firecrackers for something more environmentally conscious in order to celebrate in a more eco and animal-friendly way. 

So, with these evolving traditions, what would be the best way to light up your friends’ and families’ lives without the use of firecrackers? Well, we at Flower Chimp are big believers in the fact that flowers simply say it best - and what better way to illuminate someone’s Diwali than a beautiful bunch of brightly coloured blooms? 

Flowers have always held an integral role in Hinduism, being a pivotal part of every puja, festivity and home - flowers signify purity, charm, innocence and beauty, and have, for centuries been used as the main offering to Hindu deities during prayers. Moreover, flowers are as colourful as gifts get - Diwali, being the festival of lights is known for its bright and vivid colours of lamps, rangolis, lights and clothes - flowers themselves, play a major role in not only decorating the houses of those celebrating, but also the people as well. Hindu women traditionally deck their hair with beautiful and fragrant flowers to spruce up the festivities and add a fresh and luxurious aroma to the air. 

Blooms simply are the most meaningful gift when it comes to the Deepavali! So, whether you’re celebrating this festival of lights at home, or with your friends and family - the best way to send them your wishes this Diwali is through the gift of prosperous and auspicious flowers. From beautiful bouquets to table vase arrangements and boxes brimming with blooms - Flower Chimp has all your Diwali Gifting needs this festive season. Even if you’re looking for something a little grander for your home, we have an array of premium festive hampers - with sweets, mixtures, and a luxurious mix of all your celebratory home needs. 

Especially during such uncertain times, when celebrating Diwali away from your loved ones - send them something meaningful, and make their festivities so much bloomier with Flower Chimp. We’ll even send your beautiful Diwali blooms to them with absolutely no delivery fee all across Singapore!