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November 18, 2020 2 min read

The birth of a new life is one of the most magical moment ever, right from the news of their arrival to all of their firsts - babies bring a certain undeniably beautiful joy to everyone in their lives. 

The most joyful of these experiences is that of becoming the mother - being responsible for bringing in this new life into this world. Yet, this is undeniably one of the most difficult experiences as a woman - right from conception, to being responsible for the life within you for 9 months before its arrival, and the many sacrifices, trials, and nurturing that mothers are responsible for throughout the lives of their children. It is truly commendable what mothers go through, especially during the period of their pregnancy. 

So, what’s the best way to congratulate a new mother or mothers-to-be and welcome a beautiful new life into our world? Well, we believe that flowers are always the best way to go. After all, although flowers may not be able to speak, they express a sentiment that words could never truly convey. 

Especially when welcoming something as beautiful as motherhood and a new life, nothing blooms the mood like a beautiful bouquet of flowers - which is why we have a whole range of flowers specially crafted for the welcoming of a new life, our new baby collection! With everything that a mother may have gone through and the many responsibilities she is ready to take on, nothing could be more calming and serene than a beautiful bouquet of flourishing scents and colours; and as for a new life - nothing makes for a more beautiful gift than a gift of flourishing joy! 

Parents will always be able to keep their beautiful blooms to remember the truly wonderful memory of their new baby’s first steps into this world, and they can even repurpose it in the future - to keep the flowers and memories alive forever. (Psst.. you can read more on about how to repurpose your flowers and keep them forever blooming on our other blog post!)

So why not give the gift of blooming flowers to parents and their new babies with Flower Chimp - with same-day delivery all across the Singapore, we have all your flower needs covered for every occasion under the sun! 

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