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November 21, 2022 4 min read

It’s hard to fall in love with Valentine's Day. Even if you're not sentimental, there’s nothing not to love about, well, a day dedicated to love. There are several reasons why people enjoy Valentine's Day: the plethora of pink and red everywhere, flowers, balloons, and even the funny V-Day cards based on memes. Our Flower Chimp especially adores Valentine's Day because it reminds us of the people we value.

Finding the perfect gift might be challenging when shopping for someone with everything. Spending money on something that will just sit on a shelf is the last thing you want to do. So how about DIY presents? It provides your recipient with something unique and personalised AND they double up as great decorations as well!

So, without further ado, here are our 6 easy DIY Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to surprise your loved one!

Thumbprint Heart Mason Jar

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Present your date with a personalised flower jar adorned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Or use this cute idea as a centrepiece for your dinner table. All you need is a mason jar, acrylic paint, and paint topcoat.

Paint your jar(s) in two coats of acrylic paint and let it dry overnight between coats. If you’re impatient like us, use a hair dryer. With your finger, dip it into paint and add your fingerprint to the jar twice in opposite directions to create a heart. The final step is to use a clear top coat to seal the jars.

Kiss Balloons

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

So simple, yet so sweet! These kiss balloons are such a cute idea as Valentine’s Day decorations. Just make sure you have enough red lipstick! 

You need a couple of opaque or white balloons and your favourite red lipstick. We suggest getting helium balloons so they float whimsically around the room when your partner arrives. Put on your red lipstick and pucker up! 

DIY Love Sign

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

This suggestion might seem a little corny to some, so it is up to one's preference. Make a wooden LOVE sign for the love of your life or anyone you want to show love to this V-Day. Everyone needs a little love on their walls, and this sign may be placed all year round, even after Valentine’s Day

Grab a round wood from your craft store and paint it whatever colour you desire. The shape doesn’t matter as long as it can fit the word LOVE. Next, freehand or use a stencil and paint it several light coats of a contrasting colour for the best coverage. Allow the paint to dry, and then remove the stencil carefully. Spray a thin layer of topcoat so your artwork doesn’t fade over time.

Sweet Heart Pillows

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Even if you don’t have experience in sewing, this project is so simple. Make a few small adorable ones to place around your home deco for V-Day. This DIY is incredibly thoughtful for a loved one who travels or doesn’t live close by, as they can take it with them.

All you need is an old sweater, a sewing kit, and wool.Turn your sweater inside out, draw a heart, and cut it out. Pin the edges of your heart and sew along the outside, leaving a 2 1/2-3 inch space for stuffing. Once sewn up, turn your heart right side up, stuff until somewhat firm, and stitch up the hole. 

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Flowers and candy go along so well, like peanut butter and jelly. For this DIY, combine the two most popular Valentine’s Day gifts into one super cute personalised gift straight from the heart. 

All you need are two different-sized jars. One should fit inside the other with enough room to put your candy between the two jars. Trim your flowers, so they sit slightly above the candy. The smaller vase inside will be hidden in this way, sneaky!Put some roses inside the hidden vase, natural or synthetic, and add a lovely bow to complete the look.

Origami Heart Flowers Bouquet

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Have you ever created an origami heart from paper? Once you master the technique, it is incredibly easy and enjoyable. You can quickly create a lovely Valentine's Day bouquet using just 10 of these charming paper hearts. Giving a non-conventional paper flower arrangement as a gift is a great idea, in our opinion. You can find this tutorial on YouTube. 

You will need origami paper, 20 gauge florist wire, wire cutters, tape florist foam (or regular foam), and a vase. Use a variety of pink, purple, and red paper, and fold about ten paper hearts. The flower stem will fit into a tiny pocket that opens up on the rear of each heart. With wire cutters, cut the florist wire in half, then insert it through the heart's base and into the back. Use a little piece of tape to adhere to the stem's top. Repeat until you have ten flowers. Stick them into the foam and place them inside the vase.