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November 08, 2022 4 min read

Chinese New Year (CNY), one of the most significant holidays in the Chinese lunar calendar, marks the start of spring and a brand-new year, which is just what we need after the turbulent year we just experienced. It won't be long before children's laughter and fireworks crackling mark the beginning of the festive Chinese New Year Lunar celebration! Chinese New Year is not merely the beginning of a new year for the ethnic Chinese; it is also a time for giving, whether in the form of materialistic gifts or the customary red packets (ang paus), especially if you’re newly married. 

It is no doubt that Chinese New Year celebrations need a lot of preparation, which includes tidying up the home and buying new clothes, which is our cue to indulge in some holiday shopping! Including getting the family some presents for the Chinese New Year, of course.If you're seeking more suggestions for the best CNY present, look no further!

What Is A Typical Chinese New Year Gift?

Mandarin oranges are among the most traditional and secure gifts you can give someone for the Chinese New Year. When offered as a gift, the seasonal fruit conveys abundance and fortune, which might be understood as sincere wishes for prosperity. 

In Chinese culture, gifts given during the Chinese New Year are more meaningful than gifts given during other significant holidays. Symbolism is a significant component of Chinese culture, which explains this. So it’s not surprising that much consideration is put into a Chinese New Year gift.

If you intend to give a gift to friends or family this CNY, abide by these Chinese New Year gift-giving rules:

  • Nothing in the colour black
  • Avoid the number four
  • Give and receive with both hands
  • Money in ang pau’s should be new and crisp
  • NEVER open gifts in front of your gifter

Here’s our list of the best Chinese New Year gifts to give this Chinese New Year season!

Eu Yan Sang Essence Of Sea Cucumber

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

The elderly will love this hamper. It is filled with healthy ingredients that the body can easily absorb to maintain good health and well-being. Plus, the essence comes from carefully chosen, premium sea cucumbers. Besides being a delicacy, sea cucumbers have historically been used to boost energy, lessen exhaustion, and strengthen the body after illness or surgery.

Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Sweet desserts are always welcomed as it represents ushering a sweet life into the new year. The Hokkiens believe pineapples are lucky. They like pineapples, known as ong lai in the Hokkien language, and literally means "fortune arrive." This is why snacks and decorations during the Chinese New Year frequently feature pineapple. The pineapple tart, often given as a gift, has a buttery biscuit base with pineapple jam on top.

Chinese Tea Set

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Respect is everything and is essential for preserving relationships with family and other relatives. Tea is one of the nicest presents you can give your family. And delicate tea sets are always a popular Chinese New Year gift idea which can be passed down from generation to generation.

Sake or Any High-End Alcohol

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Any time of year, giving alcohol is a fantastic idea. But it's especially appreciated during the holiday season. After an uncomfortable conversation at the dinner table, a well-selected bottle might lighten the mood or ease the tension. A small gift for the bar always has a wonderful, luxurious feel to it.

Gift Hampers

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Can't physically be there with your family? Do not worry; there are various ways to bridge the physical distance between family members and friends thanks to technology's advancement. One popular way is to send a gift hamper, and there are plenty of great ones on Flower Chimp Singapore!

Chinese New Year hampers are perfect for any occasion and recipient. No matter who your receiver is, there’s always bound to be something for someone who you can customise the hampers for. Besides the New Year, gift baskets are always a fantastic idea as a fallback as well or the ideal solution to your gift-giving problems. Send the best CNY gift hampers to your loved ones with same-day delivery across Singapore!

Unique Chinese New Year Gifts For Friends And Family

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

For Chinese people, eating plays a significant role in daily life. During Chinese New Year, it is considered respectable to bring gifts of food when visiting houses, besides material gifts and ang pau. Here are some unique gift ideas you can consider bringing to your next Chinese New Year house visit.

  • Niangao - a Chinese New Year staple made from glutinous rice flour and sugar.
  • Nuts - Groundnuts or peanuts are must-have snacks during CNY. It symbolises a long, healthy life for those who eat them.
  • Dried oysters - Hosi, “oyster” in Cantonese, is a homonym meaning “fortunate situation”.
  • Dried mushrooms - Symbolises wishes fulfilled from the east to west.
  • Dates - Literally translates to “prosperity comes early”.
  • Abalone - Abalone is known asbaoyu in Mandarin, which has a parallel meaning of “assurance” (bao) of a “surplus” (yu) in the year ahead. 
  • Bak Kwa - Barbecued meat (usually pork) that traditionally takes the form of thin square slices.