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April 26, 2021 5 min read

Considered to be one of the most densely populated regions with sprawlingskyscrapers and nearly 6 million people living across just 700 square kilometres, Singapore has still managed to earn itself the nickname ‘City in a Garden’ offering locals and travellers an abundance oflush, vibrant greenery

With being singled out in David Attenboroughs 2016 hit series‘Planet Earth II’ as one of the leading cities forenvironmentally-friendlyambitions, Singapore has been steadily gaining increasing recognition for all itsgreen initiativesand being used as an example for other countries to model after. And although it’s always hustling and bustling in Singapore, one can always look forward to a plentitude ofbeautiful tranquil gardens and parks for abotanical escape away from the city buzz. 

With having to adhere tocircuit breakers and staying at home every now and then because of the volatility that comes withCOVID-19, there’s no better time to get reacquainted, or even just to further explore new nooks and crannies in this beautifulGarden City every little chance you get.

Here’s a list of some of thebest parks and gardens in Singapore that you just must visit!

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - This is definitely one ofSingapore’s most favourite and famous gardens. It’s really no surprise that it always ends up on the bucket list of every single tourist and garden-lover in the country and is usually one of themost spotted Singapore landmarks in movies or TV series internationally!

Spread across almost 250 acres, there are threewaterfront gardens in this place - Bay Central, Bay South and Bay East. And here in this huge park nestles the famousSuperTree Groves, which consists of eighteen metal structures that are covered in lush flowers and greenery. This park’s exploration will not be complete without a trip up to the OCBC Skyway, which sits atop two of thetallest SuperTree Groves where you can enjoy abeautiful bird’s-eye view of the entire park

Be sure to check out other attractions like the Flower Dome, Marina Barrage, Cloud Forest Conservatories as well as the Heritage Gardens, which showcases flora that’s specific to geographic regions. We promise thisbeautiful garden will always make for amemorable trip time and time again!

  1. Singapore Botanic Garden

From themost famous garden, we move on to one that is said to beSingapore's oldest garden which was first opened in 1858 - situated right in the middle of the bustling city which also happens to be aUNESCO Heritage Site

The park is just teeming with rich flora where it is home to over 10,000 species of plant and houses theNational Orchid Garden with the world's largest collections oforchids, including thenational flower, Vanda Miss Joachim. It is also home to one of the most premier orchid research and breeding centres in the world. 

It’s no surprise that this garden is also blessed with faunas like monitor lizards and jungle animals in the area; they’re all harmless but just be sure to not feed the animals. Aside from that, theSingapore Botanic Garden also has aSymphony Lake which makes it anexcellent spot for family gatherings, picnicsand even open-air concerts (hopefully soon again!) 

  1. Chinese and Japanese Garden

TheChinese and The Japanese Garden are situated next to each other, is another park that’s situated at a reasonable distance from the city (as part ofJurong Lake Gardens) and has always been avisitors’ favourite spot in Singapore because of itsbeautiful Asian architecture along with other attractions, too. 

The white bridge that connects these two gardens is called the ‘Bai Hong Qiao’ and is inspired by the same one at theSummer Palace in Beijing. This bridge leads up to the main arch of the building where you can find a pond filled with Koi fishes, which is another tribute to China. 

Besides the exquisite architecture, if you’re feeling like feeding some reptiles, head on over to The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum in the park to unwind!

  1. East Coast Park

So we’ve got themost famous and the oldest park in Singapore. Now let’s talk about thelargest park in the country, shall we? 

Boasting nearly 15 kilometres of coastline and reclaimed waterfront, the East Coast Park most certainly takes the cake for beingthe largest park in Singapore! The best way to explore this lovely park is on wheels through the dedicated cycling and skating lane. And if you really want to cycle but don’t have a bicycle, fret not, as the park offers rentals you can find usually located near the car park area.  

The East Coast Park is really popular over the weekends with people of all kinds enjoying the scenes and activities. From strolling to scooters whizzing past, to picnics, sunset-watching, and even barbecue parties (as you can also get barbecue pit rentals in the area with ease), it is no surprise that this spot makes for a great fun-filled quality day out with loved ones. 

  1. Mount Faber Park

Considered to be amongsome of the oldest gardens in Singapore, Mount Faber Park unsurprisingly attracts a lot more tourists than locals as it offers alovely walk through lush nature reserve flora with astunning panoramic view of Southern Singapore! While this spot is great during the day, you can also enjoy thebeautiful romantic view of Singapore city at night, which makes it agreat place to enjoy romantic evening strolls with your date

Never short on footpaths, a road, stairs and trails leading up to a hill, do lookout for one of the fourMerlion statues and enjoybeautiful murals on walls depicting some of Singapore’s history

Be sure to also check out a section of the place called ‘Bell of Happiness’ at the Jewel Box. It is believed that ringing the bell will bring fortunes of happiness and prosperity making it a reallypopular spot among newlyweds wishing for everlasting love!

  1. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden
    When in Ang Mo Kio, be sure to drop by thistranquil botanical park for a little respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are two gardens in this area that are worth visiting; Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East and Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West.

The east garden houses a variety of fundamental trees like rubber, cinnamon and nutmeg while the crisp fresh air that embraces this whole park attracts many visitors that come to spend a few hours in tranquil strolls and solace. It certainly makes for a great place for individuals that long for somerejuvenating me-time!

The west garden, on the other hand, showcases flora that’s just teeming with vibrant hues from flowers such as Dillenia, Vitex and many more, making it such a lovely contrast to the east garden. To take in its whole beauty, be sure to climb up to the plaza area through a 120-step staircase to enjoy thegorgeous bird’s eye view of the place. And if you get tired, you can always take a pause at thelovely landscaped pond near the park’s entrance before you exit. 

  1. Fort Canning Park

Although considered to be much smaller than all the other parks mentioned in this list,Fort Canning Park is known to be a landmark that holds one of the most historical significance in Singapore. Thanks to its strategic location and its high ground, the founder of modern-day Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles built his first home on Fort Canning. The fort served as the headquarter for the British Army during World War II until their defeat.

Today, Fort Canning is apopular place for runners and joggers while also being one of the mostpopular locations to host festivals and concerts in the country!

We hope we got you folks raring to reacquaint yourselves with some of Singapore’s most beautiful parks and gardens. Just remember to always practice goodCOVID-19 standard operating procedures when being outdoors, too!