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April 02, 2021 4 min read

Showing love and attention doesn’t always mean breaking your bank. Sometimes all you need is to have quality time. Here are a few that involves some decadent indulgence, and we’re not talking about desserts. Unless, of course, you do consider your significant other’s company is like dessert to you; and we know all the chocolates, macarons & cheesecakes don’t come close.

Read on to know what we meant with high quality low-budget dates with your special someone.

  1. Body Massage
    Long work week? Feel like having a date night in? Yes, we hear you!
    Set up some scented candles, put on some calming music for mood, grab some therapeutic massage oil and treat each other to a nice body massage!

    All that tensed up muscles need plenty soothing and what better way to do it than to have it done by each other.

    Want to heighten the ambient? Decorate the space with some lush red rose petals. Not only do they look so pleasing to the eyes, but they’ll add to the scent in the room too!


  1. Candle Light Dinner for Two
    It’s the most no-brainer, romantic home-date one can do, but, take it a step further by using the time to nurture bonding over this intimate setting. The gift of your time, undivided attention and presence will mean the world to your significant other, and that’s something you can never put a price on.

    How’s that for making two worlds better at the same time, huh? ; )
Trinity Box

Trinity Box - The Only One

A treasure trove of timeless romance, burning passion, and a little bit of magic; presented elegantly in a box of fresh roses and tasty chocolates – the perfect gift to make to sweep the love of your like by her feet.

Under The Mistletoe

No one should have a blue Christmas this holiday season! - Charm the heart of your special someone with a flower arrangement decked with the most dashing red roses, white poing pongs and pine cone ornaments; accompanied with eucalyptus baby blue, baby breath and yellow tea leaves.With such a beautiful flower gift, it will take anyone's breath away! Especially Under The Mistletoe.

  1. Candle Light Bath
    Grab a bottle of wine (or your favourite drink of choice).
    Crank up the music to that favourite 90s R&B music playlist.

    Fill up the tub with your flowers of choice; we’d recommend rose petals, daisies, or lilies. And, don’t forget the essentials for date nights: chocolates – because, one word – aphrodisiac!

    Now, throw in some bath bombs, bath salts and some aroma therapy essentials; for an hour of relaxation with your favourite human being. We promise you, the glow from that bath will last all through the week!
For Lovers

Sweet Caress

Make her feel special today with a beautiful peach and green bouquet!


This glorious hand bouquet of 9 majestic roses is sure to impress your one and only. Accompanied by some lovely Baby Breath this wonderful arrangement comes with luxurious wrapping and a nice big ribbon.

  1. Go Out for a Night-Time Walk or a Bike Ride Around Your City
    Don’t like staying indoors? Well, head out!
    Romantic date nights are made out of beautiful cityscapes with the most special company. Forego the conventional driving out or grab-ing around town and opt for something totally unconventional like a walk or a bike ride around your favourite part of town.

     Be sure to pack some intimate date night essentials like drink of choice, romantic flowers for mood and soul-hugging comfort food for the tummy…because the simplest way to your lover’s heart is through their tum-tums! ; )
    Pick a look-out spot for the perfect night-time city view and bask in the perfect ambient with your perfect someone. Now, THAT’S how you make someone feel uber special!

    Remember, quality time with your significant other doesn’t always have to spell expensive bills and over-the-top getaways. It’s always the smallest things that make the bigger picture. Low-budget as these things may be, the gift of time and unwavering attention is priceless!

For Lovers

Tender Heart

Brighten someone's day with the finest bliss box brimming with the sweetest blossoms - decked with the loveliest lilies, light pink roses, and white eustomas, this fresh flower arrangement is truly the ideal gift when expressing your true love and admiration for your loved one.

Pink Love

Pink gerberas & elegant roses.

Notting Hill

This gorgeous bouquet comes with red roses, pink lilies, and rose carnations wrapped in our luxurious gifting paper. A true all-rounder for a variety of occasions such as birthdays, romance, and anniversaries. - This bouquet is the perfect representation of your appreciation, love, and admiration.

Golden Sunset

Reminding you of the beautiful sunset, this bouquet comes with contrasting Mokara orchids in shades of red and gold. - With this arrangement, express your true appreciation and admiration towards your beloved ones as it is suitable for any occasion that comes to mind.