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Farewell Gifts

Say goodbye the right way with Flower Chimp! Send farewell gifts with same-day delivery and make the occasion sweeter.

Meaningful Farewell Gifts in Singapore

Having to part ways with someone who has been crucial in your life is an inevitable and definitely trying situation. People are continuously on the move, whether they are moving to a new country, starting a new job, or simply returning home after a visit.

Give them a farewell gift as one of the ways that can help you cope with the reality that they are leaving for whatever reason. The consideration with which you presented your farewell gift will be remembered by the recipient. It could be something that reflects their personality, something meaningful to you, or simply a bouquet of flowers.

When you love someone, the notion of saying goodbye for the last time might be heartbreaking. You can make this event bittersweet by giving them a going away gift to let them remember how much they will be missed in the future as well as in the present while you both are left with memories of your time together.

Flower Chimp is honoured to be a part of the occasion by offering a wide range of meaningful farewell gifts that you can present to loved ones who are moving away from you.

Please accept our welcome to peruse the selection we have on hand. From a vibrant bouquet of tulips to a basket brimming with fresh fruits. Flower Chimp will customise each gift to your specifications and with the utmost care to guarantee that the recipient has an amazing experience.


Farewell Flowers and Gifts for Colleagues

We engage with our coworkers on a regular basis, so if one of them discovers a better chance for their career, we will undoubtedly be happy for them. Despite the fact that they have found a better opportunity for themselves, the realisation that they will no longer be around at work might cause a bittersweet emotion.

Congratulations are in order for your coworkers, so give them Flower Chimp's farewell gifts before they leave for their new jobs. Send them something that will remind them of you, such as a meaningful gift to take with them to their new job or something that will remind them of the moments you've enjoyed together. Farewell presents are impossible to get wrong, especially if they are offered with the finest of intentions.

When it comes to making presents and flower arrangements, we at Flower Chimp go above and beyond to ensure that they precisely communicate how you are feeling when words alone are insufficient.

Flower Chimp offers our customers a wide range of farewell flowers and gifts ideal for various types of employees. Send them a thoughtfully prepared gift box stocked with useful products or a bouquet of daisies to place on their new desk as a constant reminder of you. You can even choose flowers that are the recipient's favourite to show how much thought you've put into the gift.

Send your farewell flowers and gifts as soon as possible with Flower Chimp's same-day delivery to have them delivered to your office on the person's last day, or plan ahead of time and purchase them for the farewell party.


Order Online To Say Farewell!

Flower Chimp is pleased to serve as your go-to florist for all of life's bittersweet occasions. In order to help you say your final goodbyes, our expert florists have created beautiful flower arrangements and other presents that you can purchase!

Fast, same-day shipping is available when you place your order now. If you make your purchases before the daily cut-off time, you'll never again have to scramble to throw a farewell party at the last minute. Moreover, you can schedule your order for delivery at a specific time in the future. Order now with Flower Chimp!