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April 04, 2019 3 min read

Love is in the air -and it smells a lot like fresh flowers! After all, who said anything about having to wait to Valentine’s Day to gift your loved with a special flower delivery? Whether or not it’s to bring at the start of a romantic date, a simple surprise or to celebrate your anniversary; there is a unique flower arrangement gift in Malaysia that will always rise to the occasion. If you’re tuned in and interested in spoiling the king or queen of your heart with a gorgeous arrangement; you’ve come to the right place. Here is the complete list of romantic-inspired flowers you should definitely invest in based on your partner’s personality!

1. Gerbera Daisies

In itself, daisies are known to be the flower family that symbolizes beauty. Gerbera daisies too highlight undertones like innocence and first love; and are also known for their wide range of colours. Gerberas commonly come in colours such as pink, yellow, white, orange and a few more other hues.

When should you get this? A bouquet of fresh gerberas is the perfect setting for a spontaneous picnic date! Not only do they have the ability to rejuvenate spaces, they are also perfect for lightening the mood and being an excellent conversational starter.

2. Lilies

Lilies are commonly depicted as the ‘mournful flowers’ due to their use in funerals and wakes -but that could not be further from the truth! White lilies especially are famous for representing purity, elegance and unparalleled style. Lilies are also relevant when it comes to depicting modern romances –ones that are born and cultivated in a contemporary setting.

When should you get this?Flower Chimp provides fresh flower delivery lilies in all categories and colours –but they ultimately would be perfect for a quiet dinner. Show up to his/her doorstep with this arrangement, bust out the champagne and toast to a wonderful future together!

3. Orchids

There are many local florists that would agree on orchids being a very dynamic type of flower. In some cultures, these flowers give meaning to luxury and elusiveness. Whilst in others; orchids can also symbolize exotic seduction and a look into an individual’s wild side. Orchids are the perfect blooms for partners unlike the rest, to celebrate a unique relationship that only happens once in a lifetime. Flower Chimp curates orchids from many Singaporean florists –fresh, prepped and ready to be delivered!

When should you get this?Feel free to snag a fresh arrangement of orchids when it comes to celebrating anniversaries especially. Orchids are the kinds of flowers you don’t just give to anyone –but rather a partner you know you’re serious about.

4. Tulips

Unlike the usual seriousness of orchids, tulips are a walk on the fun side! Known for their wide range of hues, tulips boast the ability of being cheerful, easygoing and joyful flowers that cater to younger couples. The gift of tulips are usually relevant in a new romance; so rest assured that it is something your partner will always appreciate. At Flower Chimp, our team of local florists from Singapore are able to personalize your very own tulips bouquet to suit the colors’ you’d want too.

When should you get this?A few tulip stalks or a petite bouquet would be the perfect gift to bring along to a lighthearted date. Opt for surprising him/her with a walk around the city’s hidden eateries or an ice cream hunt –these flowers are amazing at bringing vibrance and fun to your relationship!