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September 11, 2020 2 min read

Feeling even slightly under the weather makes us feel like our entire day comes to a halt - it’s an incredibly unfun experience! Even worse when we’re terribly sick or injured - we’re simply stuck in the confinement of our rooms or even worse, the bleak walls of a hospital - away from everyone and everything we love.

Times like these are when we need an extra dose of sunshine - just a touch of brightness to all the things and people we love. make things seem just a little less gloomy, and there’s nothing better than the gift of bloom to completely get rid of the gloom!

Sending flowers to our loved ones for special occasions has been an age-old tradition, but so has been sending flowers in times of sickness and despair. Whatever the mood, flowers always know how to brighten up the environment and make everything seem a whole lot better!

But why send flowers to someone unwell anyway, rather than one of the many other Get Well gifts available in the market? Well, the language of flowers is one that may be silent - yet, powerful; flowers have the power to convey almost every sentiment that words often cannot. Flowers simply say it best.

Roses, for example, have forever been associated with love and beauty, sunflowers with happiness and abundance, hydrangeas with strength - and so on. 

Aside from their respective symbolic meanings though, flowers as a whole, are the perfect metaphor for positivity and strength - as they bloom from small buds, and use all their strength to push their petals out - to truly flourish. 

We want to spread love and well-being across the country, which is why Flower Chimp has the perfect selection of flowers to send to someone as a get well gift, and we’ll even personally deliver it to them - either to right to their doorstep or to absolutely any hospital across Singapore. 

So, send the gift of strength, positivity, and love with a bouquet of fresh and gorgeous flowers to your loved one that may be feeling slightly under the weather, in pain, or terribly sick.