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October 17, 2022 3 min read

Singapore has always been a great place to satisfy a sweet craving. With such a wide variety of mouthwatering sweets and treats, Singapore is sure to please any sweet tooth.

Singapore is home to a wide selection of cakes perfect for celebrating special occasions or satisfying cravings on the weekend. In Singapore, you can easily find a cake to satisfy your sweet need. You can either stroll to the bakery down the street, or you can order one online and have it delivered the very same day!

It has come to our attention that some of our loyal readers are having trouble locating a truly exceptional bakery where they can have their bespoke cake orders expertly made. You'll finish this article with a list of all the hidden gems where you can buy cakes so don’t worry!

Flower Chimp

Best Cake Delivery Stores in Singapore


Get the best of both worlds with Flower Chimp's cake and blooming flower bundles.  Flower Chimp is an online gifting store that provides what you need to make a celebration complete in Singapore. Although they don't have a physical store, their online ordering process is made easy and your order will be delivered in a jiffy! 

Flower Chimp has long been Singapore's top florist before also venturing into baking. Flower Chimp strives to meet its customers' needs, especially when it comes to commemorating life's significant milestones. Hence, why they now offer a wide variety of bespoke cakes that comes with flowers to truly make a celebration memorable.

Bread Garden

Best Cake Delivery Stores in Singapore


Since the 1980s, Bread Garden has been dedicated to perfecting their baking techniques so that they can provide the best cakes, pastries, and baked goods to customers in Singapore and beyond. Every one of Bread Garden's cakes is the result of a labour of love, and they always stick to their word that they'll provide the best cake experience you can have in Singapore.

With an unwavering dedication to flavour and quality, they use only the best ingredients, including high-quality butter and cream, wheat and sugar alternatives, and exotic flavours like Mao Shan Wang durian fleshy pulp and premium dark chocolate.

Cake Inspiration

Best Cake Delivery Stores in Singapore


Cake Inspired Singapore is here to provide you with inspiration for all of your future celebratory cake needs. Cake Inspired is committed to becoming their customers' top choice when it comes to cake shops, in addition to specialising in creating uniquely designed cakes for any occasion.

Cake Inspired is delighted to provide you with more than that, in addition to making every celebration a little bit sweeter with the unique cakes they create for their customers. Your upcoming life's celebration will never be an ordinary event for you and the people you care about because you will have delectable canapes as well as boba milk tea cakes by Cake Inspired. 

Temptations Cakes

Best Cake Delivery Stores in Singapore


At Temptations, everything is baked with love and award-winning French culinary talent. While adhering to world-class French baking processes, they consistently modernise and evolve their products to reflect the most recent lifestyle trends. They do not skimp on the freshness of their ingredients or the quality of their products.

Temptations Cakes is a Singaporean cake business with a long history, and its loyal customers refer to them as a Heritage Singapore Cakeshop. As a patisserie that has serviced more than two generations of Singaporean families, they now have a thorough awareness of customer trends.

Janice Wong Singapore 

Best Cake Delivery Stores in Singapore


Janice Wong Singapore is a confectionary business with a diverse product line and distribution channels. The company's aim is to "create to inspire" by encouraging individuals to engage their imaginations in the service of creation, exploring, and learning.

Janice Wong Singapore intends to do more than only provide new confectionary ideas to the market in the future; the company will also continue to push the envelope by adding cutting-edge culinary technologies and innovations into its offerings.

Janice Wong Singapore is your average cake shop for all occasions, but they recently announced a partnership with Harrods to provide scrumptious sweets to customers all over the world, ensuring that their life's celebration leaves a lasting impression.