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Baby Breath Flowers

They are most known for their white, powdery flowers that form a perfect backdrop for flowers in a bouquet – Baby’s Breath flowers. Here at Flower Chimp, Baby’s Breath is one of our favourite blooms. Get them now with our collection below.

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Baby’s Breath – Cheap but Awesome Flowers for Bouquets in Singapore

Very rarely do baby’s breath get their recognition. These intricate little flowers are the backdrop to a huge variety of flower bouquets, flower baskets, and standing arrangements. They even go well with fruit baskets! Baby’s breath flowers are sold in Singapore as cheap accompaniments to other more colourful blossoms. You’ll see them paired in bouquets of roses, sunflowers, carnations, gerberas, and orchids. Occasionally, florists will dye them variation of blue, pink, or yellow to match each flower arrangement – particularly for rainbow baby’s breath bouquets. However, there are natural variations of the flower in these colours.


Affordable Baby’s Breath Collection at Flower Chimp

Baby’s Breath are the best for wedding bouquets and more. Here at Flower Chimp, our baby’s breath collection covers a wide variety of birthday bouquets, anniversary balloon bouquets, flower baskets, and romantic gift bundles. They’re appropriate for any event, occasion, or passionate moment. Rightly so, we’ve compiled a collection of these beauties for you to get your hands on. Here are some you could try:

Bubbly – a pink bouquet sprayed with roses (yellow and pink) with a splatter of baby’s breath filling up all the spaces within the beautiful wrapping.

Elena Balloon – a full box of baby’s breath flowers attached to a stellar anniversary balloon for that special celebration.

Blossoming Love – perfect for a romantic gift, the blossoming love comes with chocolates and a red balloon with “I love you” written in big font.


Order Baby’s Breath Flowers in Singapore

Go ahead and place your order for the best baby’s breath flower bouquets in Singapore. Get them delivered anywhere in Singapore with same-day delivery. Simple order before the cut-off time each day and we’ll send it to you within a few hours. Same-day delivery on baby’s breath flowers is perfect for last-minute gifts to friends and loved ones.