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Affordable Christmas Gifts For Him And Her

To those who are familiar, Flower Chimp is known as the highest-rated online florist in Singapore. But did you know that we also provide a selection of affordable Christmas gifts for the whole family? That’s right! We not only sell flowers but also affordable Christmas presents in Singapore that your loved ones will like! The one thing we enjoy doing the most is giving our customers Christmas presents that are both affordable and of high quality. Additionally, with same-day delivery throughout Singapore!

A little fun fact for you, did you know that giving gifts has been a tradition since the dawn of human civilization? Given that our closest ancestors have demonstrated a desire to provide gifts, it might even be older. According to researchers, cavemen used gifts like oddly shaped rocks or animal teeth to foster social ties and express their gratitude to others. The gifts evolved as social systems did, becoming more ornate and expensive.

According to a study, spending money on others makes people happier. Giving someone a present they adore could make you feel good for longer than treating yourself to anything. So while it's important to take care of oneself, keep in mind that there are advantages to being more giving to those around you.

In general, giving presents is a long-standing custom that's been associated with the Christian celebration of Christmas. To this day, it’s a tradition in many households to open Christmas presents on 25th Dec morning. Even individuals who don't celebrate Christmas participate in the popular Secret Santa gift exchange tradition because, well, it's simply fun! But my my, can giving presents be costly, huh? We understand your concerns, which is why our team at Flower Chimp has put together a list of affordable Christmas presents to keep your wallet content and your heart complete. Who doesn't enjoy getting gifts at a discount? View our selection of affordable Christmas presents for her, him, and all of your worthy friends and family members.


Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Each year, we try to top the gifts we gave the year before. We want our presents to be memorable, whether we are giving them as part of a Secret Santa exchange, swapping with friends, or hoping to brighten the holiday season for someone who is feeling lonely. Giving season is what pushes us at Flower Chimp to think beyond the box every year. As a result, we've updated our Christmas offers to feature all of your go-to gifts. But before we get there, let's take a peek at the kinds of presents that really hit the mark in Singapore.

Flowers, of course, are Flower Chimp's claim to fame. But the nicest part of Christmas gift sets and hampers are the extras that come with them. When it comes to sweets, chocolate is by far the most popular. There is a wide variety of roasted nuts and seeds, marshmallows, cookies, hot chocolate mix, sparkling grape and apple juice, jam tarts, and more if chocolate isn't your thing.

In any case, you can count on Flower Chimp to deliver just what our customers want—flowers! We are Singapore's top florist, and we'd like to share with you our newest collection of Christmas gifts, which includes a wide variety of colourful, blooming flower arrangements with a Christmas theme. The hard work of our team of expert florists to produce ensembles that express your Christmas enthusiasm was done months in advance so don't worry!

To top it all off, we never forget to offer you our same-day delivery service. That's right! Go ahead and enjoy Christmas with your friends and family while we take care of all the Christmas gifts. Place your order before the daily cut-off time and your gift will be on the way!


Popular Christmas Gifts In Singapore

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we face the same struggle every year to fill our Christmas shopping list of what to buy as Christmas gifts for friends and family. The questions are always the same: Is it too manly or feminine? Is it appropriate or not? The struggle is real! This is why we’ve made it easy for all our customers by creating a list of all the popular Christmas gifts that have been flying off our digital shelves each year into one page—making your Christmas shopping hassle-free and quick with same-day delivery to boot!

We understand the struggle of matching Christmas gifts to the person, and we aim to make your shopping more manageable so you don’t have to overthink. The great thing about our selection of Christmas gifts is that they are perfect for any age or gender. Who says only women get flowers and fathers get fruit baskets? Rubbish, we say!

Here are some of our favourite popular Christmas gifts in Singapore for your loved ones that are available on Flower Chimp with same-day delivery!

  • Trinity Box - The Only One
  • Under The Mistletoe
  • Petit Nourishment Gift Box
  • Enchanting Moments
  • Starlight + Modern Duke
  • Magical Moments
  • Le Tropicale Gift Box
  • Edens Garden Gift Box


Order Christmas Gifts With Same-Day Delivery

Every family is different, but there are many reasons why your family might deserve the best Christmas gifts. For one, your family members are likely important to you and play a significant role in your life. They provide you with love, support, and companionship, and are there for you through good times and bad. Additionally, your family members may have done a lot for you throughout the year, such as helping you with tasks, offering advice, or just being there for you when you needed them. All of these reasons make your family deserving of the best Christmas gifts as a way to show your appreciation and to let them know how much they mean to you.

But with that said, no matter how organised we think we are, we can sometimes forget some things. We can be as meticulous as possible and scan our Christmas list a dozen times, but lo and behold, a family member is missing from the list. Yikes! And with so little time between now and Christmas, where will you find a Christmas gift at this midnight hour? Well, worry not because we can get your gift delivered with same-day delivery! Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select a gift from our Christmas Gift collection and add it to your cart. 
  2. Choose any add-ons for the extra sweet surprise. 
  3. Check out and select a date or time of your choice. 
  4. For same-day delivery, make sure to order before the cut-off time. 
  5. Make your payment and you’re done! 

Buying Christmas gifts on Flower Chimp is as easy as pie and a great way to get Christmas gifts to your loved ones in a jiffy and hassle-free. Shop now from our collection of Christmas gifts for him, her, and all your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!