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Gifts Your Colleagues Will Love in Singapore

Ah, isn’t there nothing better than reminding someone of their value? 

We spend so many hours with our colleagues - talking to them, working with them, or collaborating on a project with a due date. Whatever it is, we’re constantly exchanging ideas with them, but how far do we actually go to make our co-workers feel appreciated? Well, surprising them with a gift is one of the many options you have! It’s a terrific way to boost morale, increase productivity in the workplace, while simultaneously making someone happy. Sounds like the ideal deal, right? 

Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts for your colleagues, or small gifts for your co-workers, you will surely find the best gifts here. Flower Chimp is an online florist with delivery across Singapore. We specialize in flower bouquets and the art of gift-giving in Singapore so, try making someone smile with us today!


Farewell Gifts for Colleagues 

There’s not a gift that’s more visually pleasing than a bouquet of flowers. The best part about it is that you can choose a bouquet that personally speaks to you. Flowers are meaningful because each species has their own meanings, and every color represents a different one. You could even encrypt a whole message into a bouquet with the amount of options you have.

Flowers aren’t really your co-worker's thing? Well, get them to slow down on the ride of life with a self-care gift set that will help them unwind after a long day. Packed with bath and body products, this gift set is sure to help your coworker understand what being appreciated means! 

Looking for farewell food for your colleagues? Well, then these gifts for your colleagues are sure to make an impact. Choose to present them with a farewell gift, or even a small gift to put a smile on their face!

Same Day Delivery Across Singapore

Skip the hassle altogether with Flower Chimp! With our Monday to Sunday delivery service, you can make every day a celebration. Simply make an account on our user-friendly website (accessible from your mobile), and secure your gifts. Upon check-out, provide us with your details, such as: the address, date, and your chosen time slot. Don’t forget to leave them a thoughtful note that personally speaks to them.

You knew their birthday was coming up, but didn’t know it was already here? Well, don’t worry about the last-minute anxiety! As long as you secure your gifts before 5PM, your colleague can enjoy their gifts on the same day.