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Gifts for Her

Flower Chimp has a wide assortment of gifts and flowers that are perfect for expressing your feelings of love to the special women in your life. With our same-day delivery service for those emergency situations that need a gift at the last minute, we hope to put a smile on the face of your loved one, whether it be your mother, wife, sister, or girlfriend. Shop right away!

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Gifts And Flowers In Singapore For Her

Flowers are often the most thoughtful token of appreciation, even for women who seem to have everything they could possibly want. Whether she is your wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend, Flower Chimp has an extensive collection of gifts and flowers that are sure to put a smile on her face no matter the occasion! Flower Chimp extends an invitation to you to take part in our collection of ideal presents for her. Whether it's an extravagant arrangement of vibrant blooms or a combination from a lush garden bursting with sweet springs of enticing fruits, Flower Chimp has the perfect gift for her. 

Flowers To Make Her Smile

There are times when it might be challenging to select the ideal gift for the special woman in your life, but with Flower Chimp, you won't have to worry about that happening! There are a number of different paths you can go to stimulate your imagination and come up with something truly unique to give to the person you care about. We have compiled a list of some truly remarkable suggestions for women's gifts. In most cases, people choose jewellery or a day at the spa with all expenses paid; nonetheless, our top recommendation is that you give them flowers. The expansive variety of flower arrangements offered by Flower Chimp has been thoughtfully arranged to convey the depth of your affection for the special women in your life. A flower's everlasting association with love is guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Top 10 Birthday Gifts For Her 

When it comes to picking out birthday flowers for her, it can be a struggle. Fear not, Flower Chimp is at your service! Here are a few examples of flowers and what they symbolise to give you inspiration:

  • White Gerberas (Purple Passion) - To create the ultimate expression of inner serenity, White Gerberas offer a clear, pure, and delicate white colour to create a casual sense that nevertheless has a regal possession of beauty and elegance.
  • Pink Roses (Fairytale Forever) - Pink roses are linked with femininity because of their delicate rosy hue, therefore the symbolism of grace and tenderness follows naturally. Gentleness, appreciation, delight, gratitude, and elegance are some of the other interpretations. 
  • Purple Tulips (Penelope) - Because purple has traditionally been seen as a royal colour, tulips that are purple are thought to represent royalty. Since purple is also associated with rebirth, it is the ideal colour to wear during springtime.
  • Red Orchid (Golden Sunset) - The red orchid, like all things red, is a symbol of passion, love, and lust. It is appropriate to give a red orchid to someone you care deeply about on Valentine's Day.
  • White Eustomas (Luna + Maneki Neko) - White Eustomas are thought to represent spirituality as well as togetherness, innocence, and purity.
  • Pink Lilies (Valletta) - The meaning of love, appreciation, compassion, and femininity are all associated with pink lilies. The colour pink is associated with a variety of positive emotions, including love, admiration, compassion, sensuality, and comprehension. 
  • Orange Gerberas (Amber Essence) - The colour orange has long been connected to feelings of warmth, happiness, and enthusiasm. Gerberas are a cheerful way to tell someone they are the star of your show or the bright spot in your day. Also, they show how much you care about the other person. 
  • Red Roses (99 Red Roses Midnight Edition) - Romance, love, beauty, and bravery are all represented by the red rose. The innocence and grace are represented by a red rosebud. As the saying goes, "love at first sight" is symbolised by a red rose without any thorns. 
  • Blue Hydrangeas (Clouds Of Affection) - Since blue hydrangea flowers represent true remorse, regret, and forgiveness, giving someone a bouquet of these blooms as a gift is an excellent way to make amends with someone you care about. 
  • Yellow Tulips (Chloe) - In modern times, yellow tulips have come to symbolise joy, cheerfulness, and hope. The Victorians were so superstitious that they actually believed yellow tulips meant "there's sunshine in your smile." Because of this, yellow tulips have become increasingly popular "just because" gifts, as they are almost guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

So many options to surprise your loved ones and all of them are available at Flower Chimp! Take a pick at our Gifts For Her collection now!

Same-Day Delivery To Surprise Her

As a sign of our gratitude, we can send your loved ones a symbol of our appreciation that is chosen from one of our many unique and memorable gift selections. We are ready to assist you in commemorating any significant life event, from birthday parties to graduations and anniversaries, and even Mother's Day celebrations. Even better, in order to better suit your busy schedule, we are now able to offer same-day delivery for any event that you may have forgotten about at the last minute. All that is required of you is to place your order with Flower Chimp before the cut-off time that has been established, and we will see to it that everything is taken care of for you!

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