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Deepavali Flowers for A Huge Singapore Celebration

Deepavali Vaazhthukal! Happy Deepavali to everyone in Singapore from the Flower Chimp family! The Festival of Lights is one of our favourites to celebrate every year. Celebrate this colourful festival with murukku, banana leaf rice, and of course, fresh flowers. With the dawn of Deepavali, florist shops and stalls will be packed with people. Save yourself the trouble from queuing in long lines and shop online at Flower Chimp. Flower Chimp Singapore offers great deals on the best fresh flowers for Deepavali collections. Every colour and shade of the rainbow is available to be turned into elegant flower arrangements. You can get yours too today! Don’t wait.

Celebrate Lights with Your Favourite Flowers

Take a look at our flower collections. We can have a huge variety of pristine flowers of every shape and size. Thanks to our tropical climate and a central geography on the world map, we can enjoy a variety of flowers from both local selections and international flower suppliers. Some of our favourite flowers to customise are:

  • Roses
  • Lilies 
  • Carnations
  • Sunflowers
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Gerberas
  • Eustomas 

Visiting a friend or relative? Bring flowers along! Roses are the most common and iconic of the flower selections. They are romanticised by movies and books – even in Indian movies! Find your desired rose bouquets in our collection below for a quick fix. Fancy a bigger showpiece flower? We have sunflowers for that! Peonies, Gerbera Daisies, white Eustomas, and pink Ping Pongs are all our favourites in assorted affordable bouquets. Throw in a little tropical feel with exotic orchids of yellow and purple tones. The beauty of shopping with Flower Chimp is that we have all the best bouquets premade for you. All you have to do is choose your favourite. Browse the selection above to choose. 

Amazing Add-Ons this Deepavali Sale

A combination of flowers and cake makes an irresistible gift idea. Particularly in this time of lockdown, we may not be able to head out to scout for the best deals in gifts and presents. Thankfully, Flower Chimp can save the day. Some of us don’t fancy cake. No worries. Get them chocolates instead. Chocolates are gifts from the heart. Highly romanticised, these sweet delights send a heartfelt message of love and warmth to the birthday girl or boy. Ferrero Rocher is a popular addition to a chocolate bundle. Chocolate coated praline centre drizzled with nuts as the topping is a much-welcomed treat. What’s soft and cuddly and great in a flower arrangement? Plush toys of course! These adorable little furry friends are the perfect additions to a flower bouquet delivery. Most of our desirable plush toys come with a cute little message to the host who’s celebrating. Plush can come in a variety of sizes. For easy shipping, we curate the small and medium sized plush toys in our add-ons.

Enjoy Nationwide Delivery on All Flower Collections

Nationwide delivery is now available for Deepavali flower arrangements on Flower Chimp. Flower bouquets and more can be delivered across Singapore. Ordering online is simple and our customers tend to buy on repeat. Saving on the cost of the flower bouquet allows you to include add-ons. You’ll love the assorted add-ons available with each bouquet purchase. Take full advantage of the biggest deals on cakes, chocolates, birthday roses and more to have an unforgettable celebration. Go ahead and make the celebration extra special.

Happy Deepavali from all of us at Flower Chimp!