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September 24, 2020 2 min read

Flowers are the perfect way to perk up any space, bringing a whole lot of bloom, beauty, and colour wherever they go - there’s no denying that they carry a certain  je ne sais quoi  unlike any other. Decorating your workspace or home with flowers doesn’t just perk up the space, but also has a list of benefits to your mental state and energy levels, too.

From adding a natural fragrance and a pop of colour to relieving stress and elevating the mood - flowers are always the best bet when you want to add a sprinkle of something natural to your environment. But with so many types, arrangements, colours and styles of flowers… what flowers should  you decorate with, though? 

There’s always the route of playing it safe and sticking to your favourite blooms, but what’s the fun in always having, especially when there’s a whole buffet of blossoms that this beautiful world has to offer? 

Then, there’s the route of going with the classics, potted orchids, roses, sunflowers, and peonies, which never go out of style. These sophisticated petals make for gorgeous centrepieces in offices and modern homes. 

But one of the most foolproof ways to pick the perfect petals for your space is based on colour theory; When it comes to interior decoration, arts, and even fashion - colour theory plays a major role in crafting the perfect aesthetic. For example, complementary colours (that are opposite one another on the colour wheel) like yellow and purple add a beautifully vibrant visual contrast to a space, like yellow sunflowers in a lilac or purple room. Analogous colours (that lie next to one another on the colour wheel) like pink and red share a similar pigment, and thus intensify the overall vibe of the more prominent colour without being too glaring to the eye. Finally, Monochromatic colour palettes (one single main colour) are a concentrated way of showcasing one beautiful colour with a few pops of foliage - adding a bright pop of one colour in a contemporary fashion. 

And when in doubt, simply get creative! At the end of the day, you know yourself and your tastes best - so follow your gut instinct, because as much as you choose your perfect petals, they choose you too.

There are so many different ways to get creative with decorating your space with fabulous flowers - so why not give each one a try? If you’d like to get creative with your flowers - we have a whole range of precious petals in  boxes, vases, and simple bouquets to perk up your space! If you’re looking for a glamorous or more sophisticated option, we even have our  Trinity range that features gorgeous blooms in an exquisite box with chocolates and rhinestones, and if you’d like to go a little more simple - our all-new  Bliss Boxes are definitely to die for!

So whether you’re decorating your desk, kitchen, room or hall - know that Flower Chimp has the right flowers for them all; and we’ll even have them delivered to you on the same day! So, why not get decorating and find yourself the perfect petals for your space?