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Christmas Wreaths

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Ready-Made Christmas Wreaths In Singapore

Homes become decked out in lovely Christmas decorations as the holidays approach, and fir trees are raised in preparation of the happiest season of the year. Christmas wreaths are one ornament you're certain to see frequently, usually hanging on a home's front entrance. Wreaths represent the continuance of life and the natural world. They serve as a reminder that spring and new growth are just around the corner, while berries stand for reproduction. In recognition of the fact that the cold and gloom of winter will finally pass, the wreath is also supposed to symbolise the wheel of the year. 

Christmas wreaths often consist of a variety of flowers, leaves, fruits, and twigs that have been linked together to form a sphere that symbolises eternal life. It is a classic Christmas ornament that you ought to have in your house. Have you ever questioned the significance of Christmas wreaths?

Wreaths have been around since the time of the Ancient Etruscans, when they were crafted of gold and other priceless metals and worn on their heads. Wreaths were utilised in ancient Rome to denote status, occupations, and positions. Today, observing the advent season in order to prepare for Christmas is a significant element of the holiday celebrations.

Christmas Wreaths To Suit Any Home

Artificial Christmas Wreaths - Adorned withpine cones, holly berries, and fruits. Usually in a combination of red and green colour. Easiest decorative item, and the foliage stays fresh.

Dried Christmas Wreaths - Perfect for those whose home has a rustic aesthetic. Usually made with long-lasting dried flowers and leaves. Sometimes also with dry fruits, depending on one's preference.

Floral Wreaths -Created using flowers and leaves and can be customised with your favourite flowers. It gives your home a warm spring feeling, perfect for cold winter days.

DIY Wreaths - Pick a wreath from Flower Chimps' wide selection and customise it to your own liking. The best part of our wreaths is that you can easily take them apart and add or extract anything you like!

Same-day Christmas Wreath Delivery

Not sure what to get your friends or family this holiday? We think that Christmas wreaths make excellent presents to welcome the season! Share the joy of Christmas with friends and family and send them a Christmas wreath with same-day delivery nationwide.