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Send Get Well Soon Wishes with A Hamper, Fruit Basket, or Flowers in Singapore

Like a warm, reassuring hug, a delivery of colourful flowers to a loved one in hospital is a promise that someone cares for you and wishes you a speedy recovery. At Flower Chimp, we believe in the healing power of flowers. Flowers are a perfect gift for an instant pick-me-up. Their bright colours, lush petals, and crisp fragrances usher cheer and joy the minute you lay eyes on them. Flowers are also the perfect way to convey our thoughts and well wishes to our loved ones and friends. It’s a simple, personal, and heartfelt way to be there with the person without being physically present. But it’s not just a delivery of flowers – we have a range of get-well hampers, fruit baskets, and get-well gifts made for your loved ones here in Singapore. Send warm wishes with a Get Well Soon hamper to a place of recovery today.


Deliver Get Well Gifts Direct to the Hospital or Home in Singapore

For most of us, online shopping is a breeze. However, for those who are recovering in a hospital or rehabilitating at home, it may be tough to retrieve a package or delivery item – more so with flowers. Thankfully, Flower Chimp delivers right to the hospital or location of choice in Singapore, ensuring the flowers get right to your receiver. Fruit baskets are best delivered this way as they are ideal for a hospital visitation. A simple gesture like this goes a long way as a reminder that we care, and our love will help with the recovery process.


How to Choose Get-Well-Soon Flowers

Choosing flowers is a fun and exciting process. With Flower Chimp’s online order process, it is also easy to use. Be sure to double check the time and location of the delivery to match your friend or loved one’s location. There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering flowers or hampers for well-wishes to someone recovering. Here is an easy guide to what you need.

Flower Types

Whenever we choose flowers, be sure to check if the receiver is allergic to any of them. The last thing we need is an allergic reaction happening. The most common flowers that are sent as a get-well package are lilies, Eustoma, and peonies. These flowers have soft features and light fragrances to uplift the mood and create a stress-free environment. Another element to keep in mind is size. The general rule of thumb is to choose a small to medium sized arrangement for hospital visits as there may be limited space in a hospital room. A get-well-soon hamper, basket, or flower arrangement should be a side piece that wouldn’t hinder any movement of the attending medical officers or caretakers.


Choose neutral tones and shades for more sombre and serious situations. White, grey, light blue, light yellow, and lilac are ideal as colours for these instances. However, if there is sure recovery, go ahead and pick out vibrant colours of the rainbow. The bright colours are a quick way to cheer your friend or family member.


Get Well Fruit basket

Fruit baskets are great as get-well gifts here in Singapore. Each ensemble provides colour and personality to an otherwise dull environment. Oh, did we mention, you can eat it? Fruits are a healthy source of fibre and vitamins to aid with recovery. Bananas, apples, and oranges are popular favourites in fruit baskets as they are easy to pack and are delicious too.

What if you want flowers and fruit? No problem! Get your basket of fruits and flowers here at Flower Chimp with selected combinations available for you. You’ll love the pop of colour from the fruits and vivid textures from the flowers.


Order Get Well Soon Hampers and Fruit Baskets in Singapore

Much like choosing other flowers collections, Get-Well flowers are available in bouquets, vases, and baskets. Typically, bouquets are the most popular for flower delivery. However, flower baskets are most practical as they can be laid on the table. Flower baskets also resemble gift hampers, so they are popular with hospital visitations.

Now that you know how to choose flowers and fruit baskets as Get-Well packages, it’s time to include add-ons. Add-ons range from a simple heartfelt message in a beautiful card to a balloon, ice cream, or even a soft toy. Plush toys work well when you send it to children. So go ahead and shop for a perfect Get-Well-Soon gift here on Flower Chimp Singapore.  

Same-Day Delivery on Get Well Flowers and Hampers from Florists in Singapore

When you’re in a rush to deliver Get Well gifts and hampers to a loved one in hospital, we can help! As Singapore’s number 1 online florist, Flower Chimp brings a flower delivery for hospital visits. All you have to do is place your order before the cut-off time and have it delivered within a few hours. It’s too easy!