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Fruit Baskets | Fruit Basket delivery in Singapore | Flower Chimp

Fruits: The jewels of the Earth

Fruits are considered to be the jewels of the earth. Like a miner searches for the perfect diamond, our farmers search for a way to grow the perfect fruit. Abundant care goes into the cultivation of the fruits. Farmers work day and night. In the end, it is all worth the hard work, because once we bite into the ripened fruit, all our senses come alive and our taste buds are blown away! Fruits are a wonderful, tasty gift to send a loved one. There are many people in Singapore who send a fruit basket to their loved ones.

Besides its gorgeous blooms, Flower Chimp also offers fruit gifts in the form of the fruit basket.

Healthy and fresh fruit basket gifts

Our fruit basket starts form $71.90. There is a variety of baskets to select from. We offer different sizes of a fruit basket to better suit your appetite. You may select a fruit basket that suits your need.

Our fruit basket includes fresh apples, pomegranate, pomelo, durian, strawberry, passion fruit, jackfruit, grapefruit, melon, bananas, pear, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, oranges, plum, and cherries. Every fruit piece for our fruit basket is picked from a fresh garden. They are grown using fine nutrients by our partner farmers in Singapore and abroad. After receiving the beautiful, colourful, and tasteful fruits at our facilities, we put them together with our flowers and create a basket with a unique signature design. Our guarantee is that Flower Chimp’s fruit basket will always be fresh and all fruits will be crispy and tasty and awesome both for your eyes and your sense of taste.

The fruit basket is a good gift choice for health-conscious people. If you have a loved one who enjoys fresh fruit, this is the best gift to choose. The fruit basket is a good gift for all people, men and women alike. As the consciousness for a healthy life grew, a fruit basket has become a trendy gift in Singapore and abroad.

Give a fruit basket to a loved one or even a business associate. It is very appropriate to send a fruit basket to a business contact. However, a fruit basket is a great gift to send on a birthday or anniversary, too! If your loved one enjoys the fresh jewels of Mother Earth, then fruit basket is an ideal gift choice. Send a fruit basket today via!

Fruit basket delivery with Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp offers same-day delivery on all orders for fruit basket that are placed before 1 pm. When an order for a fruit basket is placed after 1 pm, the gift will be delivered the very next day, fresh and bright. Delivery is also absolutely free on fruit basket! No matter what you order, delivery is always guaranteed free. Order your fruit basket today and enjoy free, same-day delivery.

When placing your order, you may select from a variety of add-ons. To your fruit basket, you may add a balloon, teddy bear or chocolate box. Add-ons are a great way to make your fruit basket gift stand out. The fruit basket is a sure way to put a smile on your loved one’s face because fruits are like the diamonds of the Earth, except more affordable. Plus, they taste delicious!

To order your fruit basket, log on to our website, Browse the website and choose a fruit basket you like. To select it, click on the fruit basket and choose a payment method. Once the transfer is completed, select a time slot for delivery of the fruit basket. Finally, confirm the order and sit back. Relax at home while Flower Chimp takes care of the rest. We will deliver your fruit basket gift to the doorstep of your loved one, with a smile!

Order Now to get your hands on your basket!

Don’t waste time, place your order now! Our fruit basket is guaranteed to be fresh, always. Some of our fruit baskets also come with fresh flowers, which makes for a lovely gift. Visit and choose your favourite fruit basket from a variety of options out there!