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Ferrero Rocher Singapore | Exclusive chocolate bouquets | Flower Chimp

Why We Love Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Chocolate bouquets are perfect for memorable, joyful occasions. They’re ideal for birthdays, graduations, engagement parties, weddings, and anniversary chocolate bouquets. Chocolate bouquets are romantic and idolised even in movies. Here in Singapore, we love our chocolates – and Ferrero Rocher is among our favourites. Although Ferrero carries many lines of confectionery products beneath completely different brands it is known for its Ferrero Rocher variety that comes with the signature gold packaging. The distinct wrapping hides the iconic taste of beautiful hazelnut praline and hints of dark chocolate coated with peanuts. 

Ferrero is also known for the Kinder line of chocolate products conjointly introduced as Kinder Joy and Kinder Surprise Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and other Ferrero products. Ferrero Rocher is available in Singapore’s duty-free shopping and in many stores across the city. Albeit the variety of delectable confectionery, the best way to enjoy Ferrero is as gifts. At Flower Chimp, we love to give unforgettable presents in our flower bundles – and Ferrero is one of them. 

Iconic Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquets

Chocolate bouquets are made for all occasions. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift to the chocolate-lover friends of ours or to simply pamper ourselves, there is no better option than the Ferrero Rocher bouquet by Flower Chimp. As the leading flower delivery service in Singapore and one of the top-rated flower delivery services in Southeast Asia, our partnership with Ferrero Rocher Singapore results in the development of two bespoke products – the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet and Trinity Boxes. These two humble gift options have become a huge success for Ferrero Rocher Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong and for all the countries where our Ferrero Rocher Bouquets and Ferrero Rocher Trinity Boxes were launched. The success of our chocolate bouquets is testament that we provide the gifts you want.

Signature Flower and Chocolate Bouquet Collection

How do we do it? Ferrero Rocher Singapore provides its amazing chocolates that are assembled in a unique and creative design among robust foliage and bright beautiful flowers by Flower Chimp’s florist experts. They expertly craft amazing gift selections that double as a treat to the eyes and the mouth for any who try them. Ferrero Rocher chocolate and flower bouquet bundles and chocolate boxes from Flower Chimp are the adequate choice from the vast selection of products for gift options. Ferrero Rocher flower and chocolate bouquets are exclusive from Flower Chimp and certainly elegant gift options for both her and for him. 

Whether you’re looking to get chocolates with a dazzling flower selection or flowers with add-on chocolates, our Ferrero Rocher collection is sure to impress. 

Same-Day Delivery on Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Flower Bouquets

You don’t have to worry about sending a gift anymore as Flower Chimp is here with same-day delivery on all Ferrero Rocher chocolate and flower collections. Trust us, flowers and chocolates make the ultimate last-minute gifts. They are great for surprise presents too. Think about it, you don’t need a reason to brighten someone’s day, but you do it anyway – and chocolates and fresh flowers are the way to go. 

Go ahead and place your order by creating an account with Flower Chimp. Just use your Facebook account or Google account to sign up. Browse the huge selection of flowers and chocolates designed for you in Singapore.  Found your favourite design? Great! Go ahead and head to checkout. Discounts are already applied on each product. Select add-ons to make your chocolate arrangement extra special. Balloons, chocolates, and plush are great additions to any care package. Remember to add in a heartfelt message too. Key in your desired delivery address. Double-check the postcode and unit number of the address for accurate delivery. For orders with free shipping, check the shipping fee to ensure it is discounted. Now you’re ready to make your purchase. You can use a variety of payment methods that include credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), PayPal, or GrabPay. Make your payment and check the receipt details to ensure they are correct. You’re all set!