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May 19, 2022 3 min read

Every day is Father’s Day – we tend to remember this phrase every time Father’s Day comes around. Truth be told, we may have forgotten this special day.

The one day where we celebrate dads and all their sacrifice and love to us. Don’t stop here, go ahead and get a gift for your dad. Shopping for Father’s Day gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. How cheap is cheap? We’re thinking of a budget of $50 - $150 for each gift. Don’t have to be cheapskate, just thrifty.

We’ve compiled a few suggestions that will not burden on your wallet. So, what do dads want? The typical Singaporean dad says he doesn’t need anything. However, these Father’s Day gift ideas will certainly steal his attention and make him feel special.

Side note: These gift ideas are perfect for father-figures in our lives – uncles, a superior at work, mentors too.



Fitness Tracker

We suggest the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. The average retail price of the Mi Band is $65 when bought online.  Although it is the latest tech from Xiaomi, we reckon it is reasonably priced. Most dads love their gadgets and tech gizmo thingies. A fitness tracker is a good reminder to Dad to be active and monitor his daily activities.


father's day fitness tracker


Some features of Mi Band 6 include pulse and heartbeat monitor, calories burned, steps count, distance covered, sleep tracking, and much more. A fitness tracker is an ideal gift that shows him how much you care for his overall health. The best way to get a Mi Band 6 is to order online for fastest and cheapest delivery.



Windshield Rain Repellent

father's day gift 2


A car is a big part of a man’s life. It is an investment of love and care. What better gift to give Dad than something to take care of his car? With an average retail price of $18, Rain X is one of the cheapest gifts you could think of. Rain X is a premium water repellent made for cars and other vehicles. You simply apply it to the windshield and wipe it clean. Then watch the magic work! Rain X creates a protective coating to repel rain and other liquids. Even bird poo slides right off! How cool is that?

This Father’s Day gift idea is perfect for the man who loves his car. Of course, you could pair it with any of the other ideas in our list below too.



Healthy Fruits

father's day gift fruit


The next suggestion is a little unusual – fruits. A little unconventional, yet necessary, fruits are an easy way to get healthy. With a budget of $90, you can get a large assortment of fruits for dad to snack on. Don’t just get any fruits, go for a fruit basket. A fruit basket packs a colourful assortment of fruits for your dad.

 father's day gift fruit 2

Here’s the easy part; Flower Chimp has delicious fruits in baskets and hampersthat are equally beautiful to look at. All you have to do is place your order online. Papa would appreciate the gesture when you hand him a fresh batch of fruits to snack on.

Take a look at Flower Chimp’s Father’s Day Gifts for some cheap options.



Cast Iron Pan

This is on the pricier end of our list. Then again, we should splurge a little on the one who brought us up, protected us, and provided for us – especially on this special day! The average retail price of a cast iron pan or skillet is around $100.

 father's day gift cast iron pan

Cast iron pans or skillets are great for grilling and pan searing steaks, fillets, sauteed veggies and a variety of gourmet dishes. A gift like this allows Dad to hone his skills in cooking, perfecting every inch of steak to a hearty, red, tender texture. Imagine him volunteering to cook for us almost every meal! That would be exciting to watch!


father's day gift cast iron skillet



There you have it folks – a short and sweet list of gift ideas for Father’s Day that won’t break your wallet. If you’re lazy to search the entire internet for suggestions, why not try some of these selections above?