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December 31, 2020 3 min read

As we usher into the year 2021, one of the festive seasons to anticipate would be the yearly Chinese New Year festivities. It starts with the new moon that happens at the end of January and the finishes at the end of February - it goes on for around 15 days until the full moon shows up with the Festival of Lantern. Chinese New Year is a conventional occasion to honor household, ancestors, and heavenly deities. It is where families reunite and feast together. This year Chinese New Year will begin on the 12th February.

The Year of Ox

On the off chance that you don't as of now have a clue, the Chinese calendar incorporates the Chinese zodiac. It is a pattern of 12 signs along the way of the sun through the universe. Each Lunar New Year is set apart by the trait of one of the zodiac creatures. The zodiac creatures are the rat, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. 2021 is the time of the ox.

The Ox is the second creature among each of the 12 zodiac creatures. In understanding to the legend that has been told for a long time now, the order of the creatures would be decided based off which of the creatures would show up at the Jade Emperor's gathering. It was said that the Ox was going to be the first to show up when the Rat fooled the Ox into giving him a ride. Similarly as they were going to show up, the Rat hopped down and arrived in front of the Ox and turned into the primary creature to show up; leaving the Ox as the subsequent creature.

The Ox is an esteemed creature in the Chinese culture in view of its part in agriculture and positive characteristics. They are regularly known to be hard working, honest, intelligent, and reliable but never the kind to demand for praise.

New Year Traditions and Feast

Related to the conventional Chinese New Year occasion, nearly everything would almost grind to a halt as home and family become the chief concentrations and most families would have their consideration fixed on the festival. There are a ton of customs did during the Chinese New Year occasion that are intended to carry best of luck to a family, just as to carry long life to the family itself - particularly to the guardians.

Chinese New Year likewise includes a ton of cleaning, as houses would be spotless altogether to guarantee there are no "foreboding breaths" that may have gathered previously. Cleaning was additionally intended to satisfy the divine beings that were said would descend from paradise to inspect.

It is a custom to hold ceremonial penances of food and paper symbols that are offered to predecessors and divine beings. Scrolls with fortunate messages are generally posted on house doors and fireworks would be lit to drive away insidious spirits. It is additionally a custom for the elderlies to give out money to the young ones.

Perhaps the main conventions during Chinese New Year would be the yearly gathering supper. Regularly the more distant family would meet up for a supper that frequently incorporates a fish as the last course that isn't intended to be eaten as it is a symbol of abundance.

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, do not forget to keep in touch with your roots; your one and only family. Send the gift of beautiful blooms to your loved ones to remind them the beauty of togetherness and that no matter the distance, love will always be there. Here at Flower Chimp, we offer a wide variety of gifts that simply perfect for Chinese New Year. Surprise someone this Chinese New Year and make their day with our Chinese New Year collection.